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"Green limousine for the redhead..."

What to say, what to say.

I unpacked my computer last night... it's all set up on the desk, which is amusingly clean, and staring back at me as if it knows that this clearly will not be the case for very long.

Am also trying to carve at least a path into the junk in my room. Uh... I'm sure you can imagine how well that is working out. Argh. It's so frustrating. Depression frustrates me; loneliness frightens me; having effectively destroyed my initial plan for the next several years makes me want to scream.

Oh well.

My aunt called last night. That was... interesting.

I hate school. For what it's worth, I've never enjoyed it. Or even tolerated it well. I like learning... but not school.

Also, I think I've read all of the good fanfiction that has been written for the fandoms I'm interested in. How crap is that? It doesn't even seem like the good writers are trying anymore. I think that may be the most depressing thing right now. At this very moment.

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