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Ok... I'm bored...

Have to go into work tonight. >.< My job is such a joke. I do something, like, twice a month.

And yet I still don't want to do it.

Went to Art Club today, too, and helped with painting the Halloween banner. She told us to make it realistic and scary. But we ignored the realistic part, and concentrated on drawing the freakiest things we could. A blue pig, Kermit with fangs, a skull that looks like Harry Potter's (it has the lightning bolt), a pumpkin headed man, a clown, a sea monster with a mohawk, and a big ol' bat. The bat was mine, but I helped with a bunch of the other stuff. It was great fun, mainly because it's so pathetic.

Art Club is nice because it's made up of so few people. That and we get peanut butter crackers.

And I am the *only* member to have paid dues... ^^;;

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