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"The shnozzberries taste like shnozzberries."

A quote for the truly immature. He who can name where it came from may receive fabulous prizes.

Anyway. I HAVE A COVER. It is bad and unprofessional and poorly drawn, but I seem to have it. Badly designed. But then... I dropped out of school and was failing my 2D design class anyway, so it is to be expected, eh? Yes, eh.

I also have new Discworld icons... observe the Imp-ness, yes? And William de Worde too, though I'm not sure I like his as much even if it is Hayden whatshisface. Darth Vader, except cute and with glasses. From "Shattered Glass" ironically enough. And I couldn't remember the freaking title of that and spent forever searching and then AIM finally started working and Lew says right off the bat "Oh, Shattered Glass?" And I was like... AH, IRONY!

I want to go around casting more people as Discworld characters. Mirando Otto is Angua, yes, and I have a picture of Peter Gallagher saved that could work for Otto Criek. And I was thinking about Crispin for Walter Plinge from Maskerade. Who else... Teatime would be a good one to have. Oh, human Greebo... I like Sean Bean for that. Jason Schwartzman for Ponder, Jeremy Irons for Vetinari, I have no bloody idea who for our Sir Sam. Paul Kidby suggests Hugh Laurie, apparently, which is... a little weird.

*scans Discworld casting couch* Someone suggested Crispin for Leonard of Quirm?! ... Crispin is clearly Walter, ahem, and Famine from Good Omens. >___> What?

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