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Oh, joy...

GIP to the new icon. Nightspore said Layne reminded him of me. Yes, "Hyper, bossy, and cruel" was how he put it, with something about fragility beneath the surface. AIM shut down and deleted that half of the conversation, so the exact quote escapes me. But it's sort of true, which cracks me up. So I made an icon for it. I am nothing if not flexible. And I'm not really that either.

And then I was thinking about how I want to change my name and how "Layne" (or, rather, Laine) wouldn't be too bad a choice. Except that I knew a girl in high school named Laine and so... it would be odd. But, yeah, I hate my name. But I'm used to it. And I'm not sure I should be trusted to pick my own name. Name suggestions are welcome, by the way. If I could, I would be DrWorm everywhere, but that is not a graceful option.

Technically, I have to leave my house soon. I'm trying hard not to acknowledge this.

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