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I went out to get dinner, you see, and I had driven around to the parking lot and it's dark and I see a grey kitty leap in front of my car and go running over to the garages. I stop the car, get out (leaving the door open) and start calling for Greebo. A meowing sound keeps coming back, but I can't see anything and no cat is coming toward me. I take a step or two forward and the neighbor's motion sensor light catches me and comes on and I see him! He blinks up at me, I move forward, we meet, and I pick him up and run him into the house.

To conclude: I have my cat back, albeit much skinnier and louder than before. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he chose to come back for the turkey.

And then I threw a quiet little tantrum for a reason that would seem silly to anyone else, cut myself, and ... mmm. Did something else distasteful that I'll choose not to elaborate on.

I hate Thanksgiving. I dislike living with my father. I want my panther here. *whimper* But coconut mousse pie is very good.

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