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The poisoning of the soul...

... is boredom, dammit.

Boredom makes me irritable, which in turn makes me irritating to others, which just generally causes a whole lot of irritatin'.

And I reallyreallyreally want to draw, but was drawing too slow earlier and got frustrated. Sigh. So I've just been rereading Discworld novels and sulking. Because, you know, that's mature. Also, my head doesn't really feel like it's attached to my body...? And I'm not sure I could actually do anything constructive to my satisfaction if I tried.

This pleases me to no end. But someday I will find that "You made me hate myself" shirt. Because... that's just too perfect. :D

Oh, and I like this song. Starts out so slow, but builds so nicely. Oh man, how is it that Gackt kicks so much ass?

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