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*vague pride*

I wrote a Discworld drabble! It's Sacharissa/William/Otto triangle-ish... subtle, but how deep can you get in 100 words, anyway? Dear god, that is hard. I never realized.

Also, I apparently weigh less than I did the last time I weighed myself. And when I did that, I had already lost about ten pounds. So, whoa. What? Not that I'm complaining mind you. Another twenty or thirty would be appreciated. Haha. I wonder how much I weighed at the zenith of my depression. I remember coming home and looking at myself in the mirror and being shocked... it was, like, disturbingly Skeletor-like. And for me, I'd call that quite an accomplishment. No wonder Andrew gave me the apple from his dinner that Monday. I must've looked like shit. Also, I still kind of think he had a crush on me. :D

But who cares about him, when my panther is coming! Possibly early due to snow! :D :D :D EEEEEEE! Eee.

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