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05 December 2003 @ 06:30 pm
So, ghostgecko survived the trip to Ohio, despite the snow most everyone knows has come to the northeastern edge of America. Um. Yeah. So, yay, no one's dead. Everyone is contented, I suppose.

So, I got to see my new rattie, JJ. He's very cute. :D :D :D Also, I apparently also get a nice two "story" wire cage... I forsee happy rats. Not going to move McFly in until I actually get JJ. I think that's the safest bet.

Also got a rattie netsuke carving and a big stuffed panther from... um... my panther. So, thank you very much, ghostgecko. :D Made me feel bad though for not having good presents to give back. >_< That Willard shirt needs to get here... grr.

Anyway, um, went and saw Master and Commander. He liked it. I liked it too, but that's sort of "duh..." and yeah.

So all is good, except we're trying to learn that you only hit/clap boys on the back. >__> You pet girls. Because I'm oh-so delicate, yo. I even wore a skirt and tights and things today, doing my best to look halfway cleaned up. Not that it got noticed, but I felt sort of good about myself. For awhile. Whatever.

Now I sort of want to cry, which I guess would be thanks to the adrenaline letdown or something. I don't know.

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