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The 100 things meme...

I took this from dmp a long, long time ago. Whoops and stuff.

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I love wolves.
02. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of my favorite cartoons.
03. I don't like the texture of carrots.
04. I get uncontrollable shivers whenever I touch chalk, chalkboards, or peach skin.
05. There was no 5 until I came along.
06. I prefer cold weather to warm.
07. I hate when people type in all caps online.
08. I hate netspeak. Just type normally and entirely spell out the words; it's NOT hard.
09. British accents are sexy.
10. The same rule doesn't always apply to British actors (though it more often does than does not).
11. I like it when my ratties lick me.
12. I like to drive really, really fast.
13. But my car's speedometer only goes up to about 85 mph.
14. I never really 'unpack' whenever we move.
15. I'm a pack rat.
16. I know how to do the Macarena.
17. I like having pressure on my body, like a cat sitting on my lap or someone lying on top of me.
18. I tend to get skeeved by the feeling of someone else's body heat, though.
19. My mailman keeps writing us these stupid little notes and I'm sick of it.
20. I don't think I'm that smart at all, but others seem to think I am.
21. I hate it when people have really strong and self-righteous opinions about one specific thing (like abortion, feminism, gay rights, etc).
22. Because the only thing I purport to have a strong opinion about is the all-encompassing 'personal freedom.'
23. I use the synonym tool in Microsoft Word way more than I should.
24. I try to be polite to people even though I loathe them.
25. I want to lick Crispin Glover's nose.
26. I think blonde girls are sexysexy.
27. Blond boys, however, are not.
28. I'm a weird person.
29. I'm easily annoyed by people who think they know everything.
30. I don't hate Britney Spears.
31. I want to learn American Sign Language.
32. I like animals.
33. I procrastinate. A LOT.
34. I'm also a perfectionist.
35. I tend to be a listener in a conversation rather than a contributor.
36. Whenever I eat a banana with a sticker on it, I take the sticker off and put it on my forehead.
37. I usually sleep on my stomach.
38. I'm a night owl.
39. I cried the first time I saw Titanic. (give me a break, people, I was barely 13!)
40. I like to make things even or make them add up nicely.
41. Therefore, I would never buy... say... 7 of something.
42. I also used to think of numerals in terms of gender. 1 is male, 2 is female... etc.
43. My tongue is so long that it doesn't quite fit in my mouth. If I relax everything, it pops out on its own.
44. I fidget a lot.
45. And have compulsive tendencies, like putting lotion or salve on my hands constantly.
46. I have constant tension headaches.
47. I hate parties.
48. I hate holidays. All holidays. Stop making me socialize, people!
49. Diet Coke runs through my veins instead of blood.
50. I like guys with dark hair.
51. Sometimes I like taking the less popular opinion just because it bugs people.
52. Pole vaulting looks like a bitch to learn.
53. I think masturbation is fun.
54. Poorly written pornography makes me want to take a sledgehammer to my skull.
55. I love miniatures.
56. I rarely remember my dreams.
57. I want to go to Japan... and Australia and Ireland and Europe and Africa... I basically want to travel the world.
58. I love pushing and testing boundaries.
59. I've been told I switch subjects with the same concept of relevence as Eddie Izzard does ("And that's very much like the army...")
60. I hold grudges.
61. I hate it when commercialization idealizes a concept so much that everyone wants to be a part of it. Like being a pirate.
62. When I was taking singing lessons, I could hit an A above high C.
63. I talk to myself... maybe a bit too much.
64. I love sleep.
65. I'm extremely light-sensitive; I burn quickly and get headaches from being out in the sun or sleeping when the sun is out.
66. I like black jellybeans.
67. I want try to keep all of my memories the best I can, even the bad ones.
68. I am a true Taurus girl.
69. I can get into and out of the full lotus position.
70. I was a Brownie (ie, little Girl Scout) for about a year. It was incredibly idiotic.
71. I took ballet lessons for a short while.
72. As a little, little girl I wore nothing but skirts.
73. I'm online a lot. I have no life.
74. I love bad puns.
75. I clean when I'm angry or anxious.
76. I'm scared to death of trains.
77. I like to read.
78. Though I tend to be a fiction snob.
79. I love looking at military gear.
80. Sadly enough, I have no real military knowledge
81. I wish I did though.
82. I tend to mumble and ramble, particularly on answering machines.
83. I think I think too much.
84. But I can't be eloquent about my thoughts most of the time.
85. I have no uvula.
86. I collect Bibles from hotel rooms.
87. I have a yellow stain on my left front tooth. It has always been there.
88. I've met the guy who does the (American) voice of Tai on Digimon.
89. I like my personal space.
90.I'm a bit of a hypochondriac.
91. I panic sometimes over the smallest things, but remain eeriely calm when chaos surrounds me.
92. My hearing isn't very good. I think I killed it with the rock concerts and the swimmer's ear.
93. I don't think I draw very well.
94. I like the idea of people, but not the actual people themselves.
95. I'm not a very physical type of person, though I've gotten more so now.
96. I'm not really used to expressing emotion very well either.
97. I would have liked to go to a private school simply for the attractive uniforms.
98. I sometimes like animals more than I do people.
99. My Myers-Briggs personality type is Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging.
100. I have an Anarchy shirt that I bought at a peace rally in Italy.

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