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Why do people assume that when I do something weird I'm being stupid? Or I'm just plain wrong? Or that I haven't considered the 'normal' or 'conventional' way of doing things?

I buy generic Cool Whip and put it in the freezer because I like it that way. I'm not dumb. Stop moving my stuff around! Stop telling me how to do things! Stop being condescending to me! Everything I do I do for a reason and if you don't see that reason... fuck. you.

This goes for people who have stupid shit to say about my fics, my art, my personality, and my ideas here online as well. If I do something a certain way, I'm doing it for a reason that I am generally fully aware of and that makes sense. Don't try to point out that I'm not doing it the usual way or the way that make sense to you. I don't care. (Still, feel free to criticize... if you are able to do so constructively and correctly.)

I'm already royally pissed off, don't make it worse.

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