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Ah, shit.

*trembles* Eh, forget it. No, don't forget it.

I think that I sort of proposed marriage last night. Like, in a serious way.

I assume this wasn't the smartest move? I'm not sure.

What's really a bitch is that I haven't gotten a response because the internet isn't always the pinnacle of fast communication.

Me = dumb. But we knew that.

At least I can be fairly confident that the rat ring at Lasso the Moon hasn't been sold yet. On the off-chance that I need it. Haha.

ETA: Before I get a querying email or phone call from my mother, allow me to clarify that it wasn't a formal marriage proposal, nor will it likely come to any sort of fruition, even if I was dead certain I wanted it to. As usual, this is me making a big deal out something although I'm not entirely sure what kind of deal it is.

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