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And what happens *after* sex... more LxS...

*Bah... is all short and bad and stuff. Whatever, man...just whatever...

As the feelings of climax ebbed into exhaustion, the young man gave a final mewl of satisfaction, his body slumping against the wall. One, two, three final thrusts and his imaginary lover was coming as well, throaty moans resonating in Squall’s ears. But no words… no words; I’ll never hear him say my name.
The realization saddened him.
There was sweet, hot breath on his neck, coming in shallow pants. Squall reveled in it, once again feeling the powerful emotions of wanting and being wanted. It was an immense high, a power trip so strong he wasn’t even able to sense the heat of Laguna’s body pulling away for the briefest second, feel his own weakened body being cradled and carried back the short distance to the bed, or feel the cool comfort of the unused sheets he was laid upon. All he could sense was a vague fuzziness in his peripheral vision and strong tingling in all his nerves. It felt so wonderful, like flying.
But everything was becoming clear, suddenly. Every one of his muscles ached dully, painfully. His pulse throbbed and Squall could hear it clearly, every heartbeat. Then he felt a shift in the mattress below him and just the slightest pressure on his back and neck; his lover was embracing him, cradling him. Squall sighed with contentment and wiggled his body to draw himself nearer to the other man.
“Squall?” A voice croaked directly in his ear, whispering, blowing air inside. Squall felt his eyelids twitch involuntarily. What… what was that?
“Squall?” There it was again. Heavy, almost frantic in its necessity. “Please wake up, Squall.”
The boy lifted his hand, sought out the man’s face with his fingertips, and gently sealed the moving lips. “No,” he whispered, “No, I didn’t program you with a voice.”
After a moment’s pause, the man spoke again, his voice husky with what sounded suspiciously like regret. “You didn’t program me at all.”
Squall opened his eyes and lifted his head from the pillow to get a good look at the simulation. Worried eyes scanned the man he’d just made love to. “No. It’s not possible. You can't talk. This must be just a bug… just a glitch in the program.”
“No,” the man blew a lock of dark hair out of his face with sudden exasperation, “I’m not just some glitch.”
Squall folded his arms stubbornly, still reclining completely naked among the lush pillows, while his lover scooted nervously to the bed's edge. “Prove it then. Prove that you’re the real Laguna.” He smirked, completely confident that he had easily won this mild battle with the computer. There’s absolutely no way… I mean… I made absolutely sure…
Laguna narrowed his eyes. “And how should I prove it to you? You wanna see some id?”
Squall shrugged. “Tell me how you got in here. If you aren’t a part of the simulation then you must have gotten into the room somehow. Where did you come from?”
There was a moment of silence and then another. Squall was about to crow his correct assumptions when, very softly, Laguna began to speak.
“I came in town so I could be here for your wedding.”
Squall’s throat tightened and the blood rushed from his cheeks. The wedding… how could it know? I didn’t… maybe I did… mention it or something. “That doesn’t prove anything. I… I could have programmed you to know about the wedding.”
Laguna continued as if he hadn’t heard Squall speak. “I arrived at the Garden and came looking for you, but couldn’t find you. Not in your office, not in class, not in a meeting. I knocked on your door, but no one answered.”
Tight fists pulled the heavy sheets around his nude body while Squall listened and tried to comprehend. Oh god… while I was… touching… myself just before I came here I heard… I heard someone knock, didn’t I? But I didn’t feel like answering it; I didn’t want to be interrupted.
No. It’s just not possible.

The voice continued. “So, after I’d looked everywhere I decided that you were probably out and that I’d have a wait on my hands. I went exploring through the training center… I just wanted to find something to pass the time…” Laguna looked helpless as he spoke these last words, extremely aware of the irony in them.
Squall’s mind clicked as he processed the facts. “No. No, that couldn’t be. You need a password to enter the simulator and access a program.” He turned his steely eyes on the other man. “You’re lying.”
“I’m not lying.” Laguna dropped his eyes down to his lap as he picked at the fabric of his slacks self-consciously. “I’m not. I saw that you needed a password to get in. You gave me your code sometime last year when I needed to open a door or something on my own during a visit. Do you remember?”
Squall did vaguely remember doing something of the type, but scowled all the same. Laguna sighed and continued.
“So… I just figured you wouldn’t mind. I entered your code and looked through your list of programs. But the only one that sounded interesting was this one.” He gestured widely with one hand. “I wanted to see what your... your dream was. When I came in and saw me sitting on the bed…” He blinked, still not entirely comprehending that moment. “Well, I was curious to see what I was doing in one of your programs. So I… I just deleted… well… myself and went and sat on the bed. I didn’t even know if you’d be coming or not. I don’t even know quite why I did it.” His wide eyes looked up and eyed the younger man warily. “Squall… I didn’t know…”

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