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Rob: "I bet you never really know what the heck is goin' on, do you?"
Bucky: "I do have an image to maintain."

I feel like that. Garr. It's Friday. I got mixed-up again. Thought it was Thursday. Ah, well. I have to go to the bank at some point to cash checks. I got my bonus... $75. >__< Never going back to that job. Never, never, never.

Gave McFly a bath last night. He still has mites. >__< Arrgh, so frustrating. And, naturally, he hates baths. It's a hassle, but then I think about what it would be like if he was five times larger. *eyes her cats* Yeah. So we deal.

Oh, and he bit my father last night. Hard enough to draw blood. Dad was very indignant. "I was trying to be nice!" Yes, but you smell wrong, so... how does he know?

... yeeeeaaaaah. And screencapping program + stupid sense of humor = silly icon.

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