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Sailor Uranus is my lover...

If only I had green hair (I have the long and waviness). Aw, c'mon... I'm so Michiru! I'm bitchy and elitist and narcissistic and a perfectionist and, okay maybe I don't play the violin, but I do draw... but I don't like water much. Mmm.

Yeah, actually I'm Hotaru because I don't have many close friends, I live with my daddy who is a professor, I'm sort of gloomy and pessimistic, I wear a lot of black, and am always sick. And destroying things is a-okay by me.

But, you see, no one writes Haruka/Hotaru (Uranus/Saturn) fics. (Except for serpensortia who wrote one at my request... yayayayayay! :D)

Yes, I have a lingering obsession with Sailor Moon. Siiiigh...

And, for glorybox (and, of course, my new obsession with Re-Animator)... yes, I wrote Herbert/Dan smarm. If you value your sanity, read no further. Hehehe. Or something.

Clearly bedtime now.

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