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First post of 2004!

OMG, I should make it a good one... right?

Orrrr... not. :D New favorite Re-Animator moments: Herbert whining (cutely, of course) "He attacked me!" and Dan with a big, dumb grin on his face going "She's alive!" Both from Bride of Re-Animator, which I just finished watching.

Oh, and "He's a wife beater, Dan! Get him!" :D These are, quite possibly, the most anti-woman films I have ever seen. They all die. And... other reasons.

Ah, Herbert and Dan. I can't think of two characters who fit so well together without it being canon. *thinks* Although, obviously it is canon that they are together, just not together like together, you know? Uh, yeah. But they should be. In some weird, twisted, non-flowers and candy-hearts kind of way. (The kitten was really pushing it, in fact. Bad me.)

Real hearts, however, are apparently par for the course.

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