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This is so stupid...

Ever feel like no one is listening to you? Jesus Christ...

So, I went ahead and did my 'official' cry for help bit. "Hello, I'm on and off suicidal, not taking my medication for no good reason, severely depressed, hiding in my house, and happily lashing out at my only 'friend.' Do you think something's wrong here?"

Apparently not. The basic reaction was "Oh well. You should stop acting like that."

And, for good measure, I'm now set up to take two classes at KSU. I'm a couple of days behind already, I don't have a parking permit, and I don't know where the classes are held. Great. That's really helping. Thank you. I hate you so much.

In theory I want to take classes and get a job. In practice, I want to claw my father's eyes out and then go jump off of a building.

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