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11 October 2001 @ 07:49 pm
A letter sent home with us about today...  
I cut non-relevant bits out

"Dear Parents and Students,

It had come to our attention that a note was left in our school sometime this morning indicating a bomb would explode at 10:00am. Utilizing our designed saftey plan, we immediately contacted the Kent City Police and assessed the situation. With their help, a search was conducted while students were in class in those areas most likely to contain any explosive device. A complete and thorough search of the auditorium was done to insure a "safe area" for our students and faculty. At 9:48AM I called all students, faculty, and staff to the auditorium to allow the authorities to do another sweep of the rest of the building. We put everyone in our auditorium that is remote from the rest of the building for safety. We were given the all clear signal and proceed to our fourth period classes.
It is never an easy decision as to what to do in any situation that threatens the safety of our school community. Not only do I feel responsible for all students, I also have a son here at R. High School and his safety is always utmost in my mind. I would like to congratulate our students in how maturely they handled the situation and their response to the interruption of their school day. While some contacted parents and asked to go home, the vast majority of our students stayed and continued their learning.
We live in a difficult time as the terrorist attacks of a month ago and the ensuing stress of a military conflict hang heavily over the whole society. We will continue to be diligent in our resolve to do all that is necessary to protect our students and staff.


By the way, it makes me uneasy enough to know that we have a 'designed safety plan'.

>.< I wish this wasn't something we had to worry about.
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D. Reesebabytalk on October 12th, 2001 10:36 am (UTC)
...boy do i feel stupid...
...i feel pretty damn stupid...but...i am at a loss as to figure out what sex you are...
DrWormdrworm on October 12th, 2001 02:15 pm (UTC)
Re: ...boy do i feel stupid...
Really? Heh... I seem to have that effect on people. Not that I really mind... but when I chose the name 'DrWorm', gender confusion wasn't the first factor I had on my mind. Heck... guess it's just a perk...

I'm a chick. Entirely female, as much as I sometimes try to pretend I'm not.

*patpat* Don't feel stupid...
D. Reesebabytalk on October 12th, 2001 02:49 pm (UTC)
Re: ...boy do i feel stupid...
...coo...me too...