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Oooh, productive...

A rare feeling, I confess. But I screencapped Where the Heart Is (the Crispin movie, natch) and stuck them up where others can see them. Of course, I have a whole hoard more on my computer, but... well, some of them are of Uma Thurman because she is teh sexy in that movie. And some of them are just mine, dagnabit. Because they do take up space. :P Damn space.

I also moved ratpr0n, but not officially. I want to have, like, new stuff to put up also. Just crazy like that.

I confess, today (or, rather, yesterday) has been a good day for Crispin obsession. I got my BttF book and my River's Edge poster in the mail. BttF book is hysterical, especially considering that they describe new!George at the end as "confident and athletic." How cute is that? It's a very dorky and sweet book, which is okay because BttF is a dorky and sweet movie and Marty/George is a dorky and sweet pairing.

Hey, I'm taking my happiness where I can get it, these days...

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