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Stupid fuzzy caterpillar eyebrows

I think I'm slowly developing a single eyebrow. I realize this probably isn't considered news--or even terribly interesting--but it pisses me off.

I'm home, technically. As in, I'm sitting in my home and I will be primarily here until Sunday when I will go elsewhere because my father is leaving town for a few days. I will be watched over, essentially.

One person who was in the crisis-place-jailhouse asked me to call him there tonight so he'd have someone to talk to. So, yeah. There's a mildly long and boring anecdote that concerns him getting married, nice Jewish girls, and me converting to Judaism in there somewhere... but that's really all you need to know. Arf. Toes cold.

The panther is so in trouble whenever he decides to actually contact me. Or he'd better have a good excuse, involving nothing less than death, satanism, and Crispin Glover's autograph. *drama queens*

We have a new washing machine. I cleaned the rats' cages with something that smells like a hippie's basement. Because of Chinese New Year, I now possess what can only be described as a "thingy," although I suspect the Chinese may have some issue to take with that. I also possess a real live honking cat.

And the Re-Animator book is fucking awesome... Herbert's gayness is specifically pointed out three times. And, of course, he and Dan are practically a couple. A highly dysfunctional couple, but then... who isn't? Anyway, mad love to glorybox for that insanely effective mood lift. She will be squee'd at more... later.

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