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Hot Topic 0wnZ me, h4rdc0r3...

It's really sort of pathetic.

I bought a Last Unicorn t-shirt... *dies* I can't believe it. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it. I hope it fits. Girly shirts are so hard to size up right. But it should fit. It's by Ripple Junction, which is very cool. I only wish I had been able to get one of those Secret of NIMH shirts when they were being sold. ;__;

I also bought kitty cat socks, a Red doll from Fraggle Rock (I wanna be like RED! :D She is teh awesome!), and Jack and Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Underwear. Heh. I love it when teenage boys go into Hot Topic and they're all struttin' tough and then their highly uncool soccer mom strolls in behind them. It kills me. :D :D

And at Borders I bought a book on Caravaggio (note: I am cultured), a book about the art of Nightmare Before Christmas, and a present for Lew. >__< Yes, I might be mad BUT I STILL BOUGHT HIM A PRESENT!!! Someone smack me or something...

Well, I never said it was a very good present. It's kind of stupid. But it is a present nonetheless. "Hate me, HATE ME! Go ahead, hate me! I love you..."

Ah, fuck me...

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