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... the fuck is wrong with this town?

Nightmare Before Christmas not for sale anywhere, even in tape form. Can you believe...? Sigh. At least I still I have the undies. *snuggles* Ahh, undies. *lurves on Jack+Sally*

*moves on to lurving upon new socks, new shirt, Herbert+Dan... um... Jeremy Irons who SHOULD HAVE PLAYED REMUS EVEN MY MOMMY SAYS SO NYYYAAAH, Nicole Kidman who is the sex and Katherine Hepburn who is the amazing cool arrgh can't decide, and having graduated from high school so I don't even have to think about going to sit in a little brick building for eight hours straight* :D And did you know that I am so much more hyper before I take my medication?

Lurve on almost everything except Lew. >_> I'm still mad. >_< !!! But, dammit, it's getting hard to stay mad. Mostly because of this:

Him: Why are you mad?
Me: ... um... because.
Him: Okay. That isn't a real answer.

And then he outlogics all my real answers. >_< Goddammit! That is not how it is supposed to go! And then I feel dumb for being mad. And I don't want to say mean things, because I don't want to get all turned around and have things thrown back at me (yes, I'm selfish, thppp). Like he talked about me "baiting" him or something and how he would react exactly as I wanted and it was kind of funny and I'm thinking "It's not funny at all. What the hell are you talking about?" Like I do that consciously... haha, nope. News to me. Me = bad without realizing. I don't even get to enjoy it because I don't realize I'm doing it! So it would also be bad of me to be angry or frustrated. Pot calling the kettle black, ooooh. Who's benefiting? Not me. I suck.

Now vote, so I can attempt to forget my badness with useless work!

Poll #240121 Help the indecisive...

What should DrWorm change her journal layout to?

Willard (Oh, the ratties!)
The Thin Man (Oh, the stabbies!)
Layne from River's Edge (Oh, the... um...)
Re-Animator (Oh, the gory!)
Nightmare Before Christmas (Oh, the Jack+Sally!)
Saiyuki (Oh, the Dr. Nii!)
Sailor Moon (Oh, the lezzie!)
A confusing montage!
Something completely different, upon which I have elaborated in a comment.
Keep it the way it is, foo'

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