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I think I have to get dressed now. >_> Ugh, clothing of the devil. I wish I could bring my stuffed panther with me everywhere and just faaalllllll asleeeeeep (the real life panther would, of course, be better... but that seems to be no-go for a myriad of reasons). But that's probably escapist.

Ooh, Frontpage is on my bad'uns list. I generally like it, but not when it stops responding in the middle of a task and doesn't let me save! And that is the sucky. (And the task that it wouldn't let me save was a page of Re-Animator screencaps... so people who might be interested in those, feel free to rise up against my computer. MUTINY, I SAY!)

Mmm, Re-Animator. Someone who is not me needs to write some naughty Re-Animator slash. Because.... argh. But it is so difficult to think of Herbert as a sexual creature and keep him fairly Herbert-like. Gah, so very frustrating.

Not that I'm much good at writing porn anyway. Be glad. My porn is so cheesy. "Cue '70s background music" cheesy. But I'm not proud.

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