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I totally did stuff OMG pride...

It must be the Jack+Sally undies.

Anyway, I updated BOTH herbert_west and the_thinman... I've been neglecting the Thin Man because he's so damn hard to write the way I chose to write him... every entry has to start with a Biblical quote. >_< *pats her green Gideon's Bible and her Bible reference book* But, yeah. I still need to go back and write entries for some of the early challenges for him. But right now I'm just pleased that he finally answered a question.

Aaaaand... I went to the counselor. Then to Gabriel Brothers. >_< Having those offices right next to Gabe's must be criminal... so distracting. But I bought a t-shirt that says "Smile! It confuses people" and has a monkey on it and is awfully tight, a goth-y black top with white stitching that is incentive to lose weight, and a CHEMISE! I think that's how you spell it. Well, it's red with black lacy flowers and it sort of fits... um. But! Lingerie. My first nice piece. And cheap as all get out. :D

Okay, quick clothes rant coming...

Clothes do not fit me. Large (or extra-large, depending on the brand) girly shirts tend to fit fine in the tummy area, but then my over-sized breasts (and when did designers decide a 36/38 C was "oversize?") and shoulders throw everything off. And when I start to go into the extra-large and plus sizes, the shoulders might fit better but then there's too much material around my stomach, which looks sloppy and ungood. >_< !!! And don't get me started on girl's pants. My thighs are disproportionally large (damn muscles! In my arms too) so girl pants that fit in the hips and waist tend to make my thighs look... puffy. So what I generally wear are boy pants that are waaaaaay too big. I had one pair of girly dress pants that I liked... and now they're too big. *whine* I wish I had a shrinking ray or something. </ clothesrant>

Although I have noticed that porn star girls never look good in clothes. Girls who are too skinny look good in clothes; the women of Penthouse and Playboy look waaaaay better nekkid. So... I could be a porn star! :D Or... no, probably not.

Then this evening went to Borders with dad. the haul was: new Get Fuzzy book, Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time, Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho, and a reallyreallyreally orange and soft stuffed Halloween cat that was half off yay. :D I had a good day.

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