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I finally got my Willard (visit him at willard_stiles) but you know what I didn't take into account?

Willard is really, really depressing. I'm trying to write his intro post and it just makes me want to sob. Herbert is bitchy and the Thin Man is psychological, but Willard is just very, very sad. *tears* I just want to give him a hug.

And within the week I should have a case manager. *sighs* Mostly for help regulating medication, possibly eventually as support for a job search...? I'm not sure. The woman I talked to was very nice, though.

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention that sometime this weekend I need to sit down and score scenarios. :D I get to judge scenarios for Future Problem Solving! I do! It makes me feel almost cool and competant to be judging something I once participated in. (And actually took first place for in the state in my division when I was in the ninth grade. Go ahead and read. It's so embarrassing how childish my writing was. The scenario I wrote in the tenth grade was a lot better, but it was humorous and judges don't normally respond to humor. I don't have a copy of the file on this computer, though, so no readsies.) Junior level scenarios, which sort of freaks me out... what if I can't give good feedback for sixth grade writing? What if I expect too much, as I usually do? But it does give me something to do, and I hear tell of Borders gift cards as thank yous... I saw a bookmark there I actually wanted to get for my mother; it has a hedgehog on it. Oh, speaking of my mother... boysenberry yogurt. Score.

Oh, and I have aquired the following dvds: Alice in Wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas (finally!), Pet Sematary, Beyond Re-Animator, and... a present for ghostgecko. >_> I even got him a dopey card. But we haven't spoken in the last few days, so I don't know whether he's still planning on coming up... or when he's going to come, if he is going to come. I want him to come. *pause* "Oh, nightnightnightnightnight! ... COMECOMECOMECOMECOME! ... I didn't write it, shazam." Mmm, Adam Long.

SOMEONE COME AND WATCH THE REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY WITH ME, OKAY? *lurves friendslist* No, I'm serious. This weekend.

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