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09 February 2004 @ 02:07 pm
Wait... what was I thinking about?  
Shoot. It was probably something.

Hey, so it looks like ghostgecko and I are going to try to try to draw a scene from Adrian Mayhew's early life for the Rising Stars of Manga thing... I don't have my hopes up super-high for winning, but... it'd be nice to finish a project. A pretty project. :D He would obviously be inking, because... well, guh. He inked that from a craptasticular sketch of mine. Look! He made my bad art look almost purty! He is amaaaaaazing. I wanted him to ink another Adrian drawing while he was at it, but either he hasn't yet or he hasn't shown me.

Oh! Oh! OH! And I finally got my Crispin sex dream, I think. It was sort of muddled and not explicit and he was acting really, really weird... even for Crispin Glover. I met him at a screening of some movie, but the place was like... underground and you had to go through a manhole. Yeah. Actually, that'd be kind of cool. Anyway, so we were in Pittsburgh and talking and we went to his house which was strange. Nice bathroom, though, but odd and hostile women. All in all, it was a fucked up dream, but it did fulfill one of my life's goals: have a sex dream about Crispin Glover.

... all right, brain! Now gimme another, less completely bizarre version!

Oh, and this Get Fuzzy excerpt pleased me to no end, expecially (OMG... I typed "expecially") after the last post...

Bucky: "You know... last night as I was tearing holes in the couch, I realized that it doesn't always matter who 'wins' a fight."
Rob: "That's a surprisingly healthy outlook for you."
Bucky: "Yeah, yeah. I realized that you can always sneak off with the fish while the idiots who won are celebrating."
Rob: "Wha-? Dude... I think you think everybody thinks like you think."
Bucky: "Other people think?"

No, Bucky. I really don't think they do. *sigh* Although every new strip of Get Fuzzy proves more and more that Bucky Katt is my secret alter-ego. Because...

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Adamadamchristopher on February 10th, 2004 12:39 am (UTC)
that's hilarious, that you went through a manhole in a sex dream