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FUCK. I know what it was! I also started my "Thin Man is autistic" story again. Uh... here's the only other snippet I wrote of that. I've decided to make his "legal," Romanian name Gavril Prodan... Gavril is fun to say, plus it's a variation on "Gabriel" ... which is kind of the point of the thing, comparing him to the Archangel Gabriel. So. Happy choice.

"Gavril turned his head from the door, reacting to the sound but not the words. He shifted his weight and pushed his nose into Knox’s fashionably nerdy mop of brown hair, inhaling deeply. It was the only sign of affection the man generally showed, only choosing to bury his nostrils and snuffle like a St. Bernard into the hair of a person he was very pleased with; in anger, however, he would rip out others’ hair by the fistful and hold it to his nose, breathing the scent of a small victory. "

I started it because of the contrelamontre fine art challenge... in this particular bit, Gavril examines Knox's prints and posters of classic angels. Cupidion will probably be the focus, but Le Captif looks good too... oh, Bouguereau... *sighs*

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