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11 February 2004 @ 01:42 pm
I burned my computering thumb. *squinches* It's all... smooth and uncomfortable. That's what you get for trying to make dinner, self. Big spazz. Because, you know, METAL DOESN'T GET HOT.


And now, some witty conversation about names, people who suck, and why it's bad to take me seriously.

thenightspore: Slow Adrian, too, apparently LOL
professorworm: Adry, Adry, Adry...
professorworm: Ahhh, I have to move my car and I don't want to.
thenightspore: or Ady, as they prefer bleagh
thenightspore: that smiley needs to look unhappier
thenightspore: yeah god, forbid you should block the mailbox
professorworm: ... no, I like the R in there...
thenightspore: yeah, me too . . .not that I was consulted
professorworm: *sigh* Stupid house place.
thenightspore: I use Adry in the story for that reason
thenightspore: yeah . . . I'm glad we have a proper parking lot
professorworm: Well, okay then. I like the R better too. Adry.
professorworm: Yes. Screw you and your happy real parking lot.
thenightspore: our ice skating rink, you mean
thenightspore: I've fallen so many times . . . as much as I pay for that shit, and they don't de-ice it properly
professorworm: Arrrrrrgggggh. I'll just go move the damn thing now before the urge to kill rises further. Adry. AdryAdryAdryAdrian.
professorworm: Shit, this probably gives you license to call me Steffie.
thenightspore: Nah, Briar Rose it is
thenightspore: ping me when you get back
professorworm: Ohh, Briar Rose!
thenightspore: *grin*
professorworm: Sleeping Beauty. I do sleep a lot.
thenightspore: Yes, you do
professorworm: Not beautiful, but allowances can be made.
thenightspore: or only when i'm on the phone LOL
thenightspore: oh, pffffft
professorworm: Now all I have to do is dance with woodland animals.
thenightspore: Dance with the ratties! or was that Cinderella?
professorworm: Well? Do I want to listen to you on the phone?
professorworm: Cinderella, sorry.
thenightspore: No, no
professorworm: My sleep schedule was all kooky.
thenightspore: yeah. I tried not to be insulted
professorworm: Hey. Actually, I think the first night I fell asleep because I was sad.
professorworm: The second night, I was just cold.
thenightspore: I kept the room cold.
thenightspore: And it gave me a chance to read Ratman
professorworm: Warm under covers. I was reacting to an instinctive need to burrow.
professorworm: ... I didn't snore, did I?
thenightspore: nope
professorworm: Ah. Good.

professorworm: People are attracted to the strangest things en masse.
thenightspore: example?
professorworm: ... um. Pretentiousness and flowery language? Cuz that makes you teh smart. And... goddammit, Catcher in the Rye is so not a good book.
thenightspore: I barely remember it
professorworm: And it doesn't make you look smart and/or cynical.
thenightspore: uh. okay.
professorworm: Holden Caulfield is just dumb and teenaged.
thenightspore: heh. but teenagers identify with that
professorworm: Yeah, and so do assassins.
thenightspore: so they think it is deep because they know they themselves are deep and special
professorworm: Man, nobody in this world is deep or special the way they think they are.
thenightspore: that's why people like things like Nine Inch Nails and Sandman comics
professorworm: XD XD Thank you.
professorworm: And Dead Poets Society.
thenightspore: "This perfectly reflects the darkness of my soul"
professorworm: Tortured genius.
thenightspore: ignoring the fact that because it is so popular, it must reflect the darkness of a LOT of people's souls
professorworm: Tragic childhood.
professorworm: OMG, yes. So many uberdark and deep people.
thenightspore: it does annoy me when something weird i like goes mainstream and you get all these fangirls who only appreciate the surface aspects
professorworm: Too many, in fact. KILL 'EM ALL.
thenightspore: "I only wear black because there's no darker color" people
professorworm: That may be a motivation for some of the serial killers...
thenightspore: Yeah. case in point: Johnny the Homocidal Maniac comics
thenightspore: these fangirls, these mall vampire goth chicks, love it yet have NO IDEA that they are the people he is making fun of
professorworm: Haha. Black sucks. GIMME TEH PURE, SATURATED COLORS CHOPCHOP.
thenightspore: and I am rather pissed, remembering tracking down the comics when they would sporadically appear . . .now knowing I would have to fight my way thru a crowd of fangirls . . .
professorworm: Yeah, that's why I've never read those... I don't want to be in either group.
thenightspore: well, I prefer jewel tones myself, but rarely wear them
thenightspore: Well, I read them FIRST so thppppt to them.
professorworm: Yeah, I can never manage to be one of those people...
thenightspore: Same feelings as Crispin fangirls. Hands off, mine. I'll arm-wrestle you for him.
thenightspore: Just me being petty and jealous again, y'know
professorworm: Ooh! Arm wrestle me! My boss wouldn't; he was afraid he'd get beat down.
thenightspore: oh, I shall, then
professorworm: BRIGHT colors. Even my art is BRIGHT with the color. I lurves it.
professorworm: All right then.
professorworm: You'll probably win, but I'll still try.
thenightspore: LOL maybe I'll let you win a few times
professorworm: ... yeah, okay.
professorworm: *kiss*
professorworm: Ah, well. My tortured soul... it burnnnnz, precious.
thenightspore: snort
professorworm: Arrglefarrgle. And fake witches too. Gollum.
thenightspore: ah, story 14 is up. my reputation intact
professorworm: Drop rocks on the French! Steal fishes! Eat monkeys! Give me money, it's performance art...

thenightspore: ahhhhhhh god this is better than a back massage
professorworm: And then he pets paintings and, oh yeah, disabled people are people too. Whaddya know.
professorworm: What is?
thenightspore: reading this
professorworm: ... good lord, why?
thenightspore: it reminds me a LOT of some of my bedtime stories. but nicer
thenightspore: but ah, no, really, I am getting a warm physical reaction from this. not metaphorical. real
professorworm: >_> *Thin Man humps Knox's leg*
professorworm: Ah, hell. I'll be lucky if I finish this one scene.
thenightspore: oh stop
thenightspore: I love this, stop sillying it up
professorworm: What? Oh... yeah.
professorworm: Well, it's uncomfortable. To have you like it so much.
thenightspore: seriously . . . i love trying to write alternate mind states . . . I wrote one with synaethesia i need to send you
thenightspore: why?
professorworm: I don't know. Because it doesn't seem right. Clearly there's been some sort of mistake. People aren't supposed to actually like the things I do... um...
thenightspore: well, to quote you, "Fuck you then. I like it."
professorworm: Well, that and I would like a back massage right about now and this story just ain't cuttin' it.

That's about peak wittiness for me... after awhile, I just become nonsensical. Actually, I'm feeling sort of nonsensical right now. It must be all that Nightmare Before Christmas fangirling... I'm not sure I can finish the movie with the commentary on; it's fascinating, but it's also breaking down my suspension of disbelief and that is not cool.

EDIT: Who wants to move to Kent and rent a loft apartment with me in a place that used to be a textile factory? C'mon... you know you want to...
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Cathryn (formerly catslash)remindmeofthe on February 11th, 2004 11:11 am (UTC)
Thaaaaank you. I've always felt vaguely guilty for hating Catcher in the Rye, like it makes me a horrible non-literary person. Now that I know that you're allowed to be intelligent and hate it, I'll stop qualifying myself with "of course, maybe it was just because I had to read it for school . . ." No. It's because it sucked and grated on my nerves. And I've finally given myself permission to say so. =D
DrWorm: savagedrworm on February 11th, 2004 12:03 pm (UTC)
And I've finally given myself permission to say so.

Good. Good, good, good. Anyone who puts Catcher on their favorite books list automatically loses several points by my standards.

It's funny... half my English class hated that book and thought that Holden was a snot-faced stupid kid who just needed a good smack across the face. He and the book were not well-received by a surprising number of people, and I felt some of my hope for humanity restored (I probably lost it all again soon after, but it was a nice feeling at the time).

And J.D. Salinger's other books and stories bother me too... family of geniuses. Huh. Well, I hated The Royal Tenebaums... doesn't that say everything? And I think he sexually harassed Sylvia Plath when she tried to interview him. And he was an alcoholic bastard. The man doesn't have much there to impress me... now if the book had been any good, it might be a different story. But no. *rambles*
Cathryn (formerly catslash)remindmeofthe on February 13th, 2004 12:42 pm (UTC)
Heh. I remember this one part of CitR where this guy (Carl?) is shown to us as this guy Holden thinks is a butthead. I distinctly recall our teacher presenting the character similarly; meanwhile, I was sitting there thinking that frankly Carl seemed like a more balanced and reasonable human being than Holden. Note to teacher: If we must analyze books to itty pieces, why not try thinking beyond the limited box of the first person novel? Isn't that the damn point?

Your Momsilent_hotaru on February 11th, 2004 04:24 pm (UTC)
EDIT: Who wants to move to Kent and rent a loft apartment with me in a place that used to be a textile factory? C'mon... you know you want to...

By 59? Ummmmm.... no. Nothing against you, just.... no. I'd fear for my life every time I walked out the door, there are too many gangs around that area....
DrWorm: whatevahdrworm on February 11th, 2004 04:34 pm (UTC)
I see what you mean, although I'm not sure I'd fear for my life... I didn't even fear for my life in Columbus, and there was far more opportunity and reason to be afraid there.

Probably wouldn't keep anything particularly expensive there though... *sigh*
Peteglorybox on February 11th, 2004 06:09 pm (UTC)
Shit, I'd love to. Just have to find a way to A) get up there B) arrange myself so that I wouldn't annoy you to murder me once I did get up there.
DrWorm: i candrworm on February 12th, 2004 01:43 pm (UTC)
Don't worry about fights to the death... there's a river nearby where the winner can dump the loser's body.

>_> I'M KIDDING! No, really. I wouldn't toss anyone in the Cuyahoga River. Perhaps in front of the train tracks, but never in the river. *prays that she doesn't receive a subpeona in her inbox* Ahahaha.

But, seriously... apparently it isn't bugging one another into murderous rages that we have to worry about, it's gang warfare in suburban NE Ohio. And nothing brings people together like gang warfare. :D