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Empathy and Systemizing Quotients

EQ score = 3

On average, most women score about 47 and most men about 42. Most people with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism score about 20.

0-32 = You have a lower than average ability for understanding how other people feel and responding appropriately.

SQ score = 25

On average women score about 24 and men score about 30.

20-39 = You have an average ability for analysing and exploring a system.

So. Apparently there are snails who are more empathetic than I am. Surprised? I'm not. Sometimes I can't be entirely sure that other people exist, let alone have feelings.

You are Melancholy - The ancient Greeks believed this was caused by having too much black bile.
Strengths:You are serious, analytical, idealistic and
Weaknesses:You can be moody, introspective, and hard to
At your best:You are a creative planner.
At your worst:You can be a gloomy nit-picker.
You measure your own value by:Activity
For personal growth, you should focus
Decision making
For others to relate well to you, they
should be:
Others should support your:Principles
If someone wants you to make a decision,
they should give:

What Ancient Greek Personality Type Are You?
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