DrWorm (drworm) wrote,

Please come back...

Please come back, don't hate me, don't hate me

IT HURTS I CAN'T HELP IT IT HURTS i want to go home please make it stop make it stop hurting ought to be dead can't do anything right stupidstupidstupid girl always stupid worthless bury me in a hole find someplace to dump the body i mean nothing crawl away and die fool's vomit dog's folly

i want to die because i always make things bad don't pay any attention to me i'm not important just unhappy punishmepunishme take care of me hate me so stupid go to sleep and never wake up because it won't be any big lossIHATEYOU

gotosleepylittlebaby come lay your bones on the alabaster stones die die die you worthless human being you and someone remember to take my scalp you can sell it maybe and then i'll be worth something fifty dollars better than in life

just diediedie worthless shell but take care of my rats when i'm gone

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