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... this is the stupidest thing ever.

I have an actual, plausible idea for--cover your eyes, you sensitive people--Jack/Oogie Boogie. That's right. From Nightmare Before Christmas.

And it makes sense. Watch:

"In the beginning, there was light. And the light was smothered, subverted, and transformed by the darkness.

Not the darkness that came with the night, the mere absence of light that had been present since the primordial ooze had pulled itself from the swamps. This was a darkness that was heavy and tangible and sprung from the early mind of the Collective Man as they sludged their way through the Real World, commanded by Darwin's ignorant evolution.

There were two kinds of darkness during those early millennia: man's fear of his imminent and inevitable demise, showcased gaily by the earthenware excavation of his early ancestors, their bones displayed as a cautionary tale to the infant youth still suckling from their mother's breasts--this is what you will become, boys and girls--as well as to the old still unready to meet Death as a friend or lover...

And man's fear of the unknown, of that which goes bump in the night, of the developing monsters too hideous to leave the swamps, the lakes, the mountains, the forests, they that spirit away the young or feeble for sinister witchcraft and malice.

And so became the Skeleton and the Bogeyman who, hand in hand, encouraged a terror found only in the very depths of the souls of Man."

As overwordy and overwrought as it is... it makes sense. Sort of. God knows that I don't think I can help but continue. You know you were always curious about the evolutionary processes of Halloweentown...

(And thank you Terry Pratchett for the idea... no, really. Go read Hogfather, ya ingrates.)

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