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An explanation...

Or something.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday... did not take medication. Took medication today, but that's not necessarily a good thing; it makes my own filth, irresponsibility, and worthlessness come into clearer focus. I guess Paxil withdrawal is also making me nauseous, which is another pleasant aspect of life. Food is, naturally, quite the battle: I eat and feel sick or I don't eat and feel sick. What fun options.

So the past few days have involved much wailing and gnashing of teeth, not to mention a trip to see Mr. Razorblade. In retrospect, I'm just an idiot and all of my opinions are wrong (I actually mean this, don't bother to contradict me). And if I'm being a jerk and you just want to smack me... remember the immortal words of David Sedaris:

"I wanted to slam their heads against the wall and scream, 'Stop acting like an idiot and get better, goddamnit!' Then I'd notice the bruises covering their bodies and realize that someone had already tried that approach."

Done whining, thanks.

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