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Everyone's talking about the Oscars...

But guess what I saw? :D


And you know what?

I LIKED IT! :P Yeah, yeah... I know I'm not "supposed" to, but I am so sick of people going "Eww, OMGWTF Jesus Christ=Western religion=+3H B4D MU+H4FUXX0R5." Sick of it! Because it was a good movie. Not a subtle movie, by any stretch of the imagination, but then I'm not really sure it's possible to make a subtle movie about Christ.

Honestly? I knew it was going to be the kind of movie that would get my panties in a happy twist and leave me geeking over various details like any respectable Harry Potter fan does over details of the upcoming PoA movie. Approximately two hours of graphic violence, religion, dead languages, and Jim Caviezel (J.C.) ... really, it's my kind of movie. And not just me, apparently, seeing as the two o'clock showing we intended to go to was sold out before we got there, and four-thirty showing we did go to ended up being sold out as well. In Kent. Amazing. Also, someone brought their extremely young like four or five years old I swear children. To a movie that is about the torture and execution of the major figure of Western religion. I mean, we're talking buckets o' blood. (Lew asked whether it was more violent than Re-Animator. The answer? YES. There is no comparison.) And no English dialogue. Poor kids, seriously. They had to be either bored or scared out of their wits.

Also, Satan apparently looks like Voldemort. :D Hey, Mel, way to go and tie it in with a modern reference. >__> </ sarcasm>

But no, really, I liked it. I also saw THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE, which should have won over Finding Nemo, dammit. That was a seriously awesome, amazing, [insert praise here] movie. Not even just animated movie, but movie movie. Amazing. For anyone who likes good and unusual and witty story-telling.

XD "... the triplets subsist entirely on frog and frog by-products..." The world needs more movies like that.

ETA: And people, please. The Passion of THE Christ. Get the title right before bashing it, mmkay?

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