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I have food. But I am full. And Arby's does not keep well, but I guess that's the route I'll have to take. *whines* And we have cake too... argh, my father always ends up bring food home from work. We had a refrigerator full of leftover Chinese food for a month or something. Yuck.

But that does remind me that his birthday is coming up. Well, really the only reasons I really remember it are a) I have to get my car e-checked by that day and b) he's going out with co-workers and students and apparently I can come along. I figure I'll get him one of those folder-things that holds cds... currently he keeps them in a basket in the backseat and it's really annoying.

My car now has two headlights. I bought yarn and am going to try to crochet a scarf. I think, also, I might go down to this little grocery store near my house and ask for an application; it says they're hiring, soooooo. It's sort of an organic market, from what I gathered. I've never been, but it's very non-threatening. Dairy Mart is also non-threatening, but having to get a police background check and work the graveyard shift isn't quite so appealing.

Okekaki is addicting. See Tails of the Ratman. Now I'm working on a far too anal-retentive Nightmare Before Christmas picture that will hopefully someday be finished and will stay in 2draw.net's advanced room. This was why it was good when oekakicentral.com went weird and deleted my inconsistent self. I really liked oc.com, but then so many people were drawing there and so it got stricter and stricter and more and more divided... ;__; All that, and I wasn't terribly good. I think I've gotten a bit better, but hey...

Now I'm trying to think of something to draw with homicial_nny. Argh. I'm not creative. :P

Oh, and I now own Rubin and Ed and the original Willard on tape. I hope we won't have a repeat of the scooter incident. >__>

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