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A survey I stole...


- last book you read: I read "Beowulf" for school... but that may not count. The last real book I read was probably "Watership Down" by Richard Adams. Also for school.
- last movie you saw: All the way through? "Jeepers Creepers"
- last movie you saw on the big screen: "Jeepers Creepers"
- last phone number you called: I haven't called anybody for a really long time. Maybe Amy?
- last show you watched on TV: Either "Spin City" or "The Simpsons"
- last song you heard: I'm listening to Green Day's "Basket Case" right now.
- last thing you had to drink: Diet Coke
- last time you showered: I dunno... I don't keep track. Yesterday, probably.
- last thing you ate: Am eating some sort of really tasty cereal.
do you...
- smoke? No.
- do drugs? No.
- have sex? If anyone's willing...
- sleep with stuffed animals? Nope.
- have a crush? No... not really...no.
- have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Do I need one?
- have a dream that keeps coming back? Nope, surprisingly.
- play an instrument? Hand me the bongos and I shall serenade you.
- believe there is life on other planets? Seems pretty likely to me.
- remember your first love? Yeah...
- still love him/her? Noooo-oooo... they're annoying now.
- read the newspaper? Sometimes, if we get the paper.
- have any gay or lesbian friends? I'm sure I do. I think they're all closeted
- believe in miracles? No.
- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? What are you remaining faithful to?
- consider yourself tolerant of others? Mostly...
- consider police a friend or foe? Friend. They've come to save our asses so many times. Sometimes they're irritating, though. Police have a complex. They have a tendency to think they're above a lot of stuff.
- like the taste of alcohol? Not beer. Wine's pretty good.
- have a favorite Stooge? No.
- believe in astrology? My mom's really big on it. Tell the truth, I think it's kinda goofy but fun.
- believe in magic? I believe in David Copperfield.
- believe in God? Not on your life.
- pray? Sometimes I actually do pray, but it's all reflexive and really doesn't mean much of anything. You know... you're in a tight spot and all you can think is "Oh please God, please God, please God". It's more wishful thinking, actually.
- go to church? No.
- have any secrets? Yeah, somewhere.
- have any pets? Three cats. Greebo, Izit, and Sputnik.
- do well in school? Yes, despite my best efforts.
- go to or plan to go to college? Yeah...
- have a degree? I graduated from kindergarten...
- talk to strangers who instant message you? I do my best. Usually they clam up pretty fast.
- wear hats? Not unless it's a really good hat.
- have any piercings? Two in each ear.
- have any tattoos? I wish.
- hate yourself? Most of the time.
- have a box inside your house that you sleep in because its too damn hot inside that bag of chips? ... My cat's breath smells like cat food...
- have a best friend? Pretty much...
- wish on stars? No.
- like your handwriting? Sometimes.
- have any bad habits? I am just one big bad habit.
- care about looks? Yeah, sort of. If I really cared, though... do you think I'd look like this?
- believe in witches? Double, double, toil and trouble...
- believe in Satan? Nope.
- believe in ghosts? I see dead people...
- believe in Santa? Santana? ^___^
- believe in the Easter Bunny? No...
- believe in the Tooth Fairy? God gods no.
- have a second family? Where's this second family coming from anyway?
- trust others easily? A bit more than I should.
- like sarcasm? Yes. Unless someone is using it to tease me.
- take walks in the rain? Sometimes. But it gets cold really fast.
- kiss with your eyes closed? I honestly couldn't tell you...
- sing in the shower? Lord, yes.
- own handcuffs? Like... the pink fuzzy kind?

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