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Ahahaha... ha.

The Cheat is a Little Yellow Squeaky Thing That Somethetimes Steals My Ladytypes
...And Also Love

And I'm sitting here wearing my Cheat hoodie, with my Cheat plushie staring at my monitor from his place on the bookshelf.

Think I'm a Cheat fan? Merp. :P THE CHEAT IS NOT DEAD!

My cat say "MROWWW!!!" She is teh annoying. Just like me. Heehee.

"Want to take my pain and throw it in the river."

Blah. So stomach cuts are deceptively easy to irritate, especially when you toss and turn a lot. And sleep on your stomach. Like I do. I'd roll over and suddenly... *pinch* Ah! Fuck. Stings. And here I thought thigh cuts would be more irritating.

I'm a serious thrasher when I sleep, though. I used to wake up pillowless almost every morning, as my relentless movement would cause it to work its way off the bed. Now it's the stuffed panther. I start off with it huggled against my chest and wake up the next morning to find it on the floor on the opposite side of the bed.

... in the pouring rain... very strange. Doodoodoo.

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