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Upset for no particular reason...

Maybe I'm just tired.

Maybe I just hate the tangled relationship my ISP and my computer have.

Maybe I'm just bothered by the fact that I'm having problems breathing again, coupled with chest pain.

Had a good talk with ghostgecko this morning in lieu of going to my therapist, seeing as I'd much rather talk to him than to my therapist any day. You see, I do believe he's gotten a bit exasperated with my erratic medication-taking and subsequent mood swings/freaking out/threats of suicide, so he's started calling me in the morning to say "take your pills." I'm afraid that I'm being a drain on his funds, but I've enjoyed talking to him the past couple mornings. (As my mother put it when told about the new pill-calls, "See? If that isn't love, it's at least deep affection.")

Also had a nice talk with my mother today, so... a good day for me and talking. Or, for me and talking to anyone who isn't my father (or my therapist, ha). Not such a good talk, that. I suppose he's upset with my grandfather's behavior and Alzheimer's... now there's something I don't know how to or feel like dealing with.


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