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Am feeling... petulant, I guess. I seem to be pretty good at sitting down in front of my computer and going, "Hey! I really suck!"

And nothing seems to prompt it. Not thinking about being worthless or worrying about the future or worrying about money or self-hatred... none of those thoughts. Just a sort of generalized depression. Everything does not suck, but I am nonetheless unhappy.

Applied to run a Herbert/Dan fanlisting, to operate in conjunction with a Re-Animator slash site. Have a pretty good handle on what I want to do with the layout... my only stumper is that, if I align the main content left, I should have a chunk of space going unused on the right. I was thinking about putting in a sidebar, but I'm not sure what sort of content I could stick there... more links? A picture? A set of randomized pictures? Fanlisting affiliates? Features? Or just scrap the sidebar idea? I am torn.

Suggestions welcome. I'ma go do something else now, I suppose.

ETA: Also for text on the splash page: "Herbert West has a very good head on his shoulders... and another one between his legs." Too dirty? Too stupid? Too confusing? The name of the site is going to be Mad Scientists Give Good Head (don't blame me; ghostgecko thought it up, and I'm just stealing). So am I going overboard with the 'head' thing? Again, suggestions welcome.

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