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"Hey, little Harry Potter fan? Want a lollipop?"

This is a late art entry for maeglinyedi's Worst Nightmare Challenge.

Warning: slightly gory imagery.
Medium: my expired trial version of OpenCanvas...

This is based on a rather surreal nightmare I had when I was about eleven. In it we were fighting a war... with birds. Not against birds, but there were several dozen birds on our side. I seem to remember riding an unusually large toucan, circling the dismal battlefield. After the battle ended, and my side (the "good" side) emerged wearily triumphant, we went searching for survivors. We were becoming more and more discouraged by the bleakness, the grey dust, brown dirt, dark red blood... and few survivors.

And then, lo and behold, we see a perfect white dove walking in front of us! Her back is turned, but she's the symbol of our side, of goodness and light and surely her survival is a good sign! So we call to her and she turns... and we can see that her chest cavity has been ripped cruelly open, her intestines are falling out to the ground, but she is still walking and bobbing her head and picking at the earth.

You can take that as a bit of interesting symbolism, I guess, and one that can be applied to the Harry Potter world with probably more interesting results than this... but all I know is that it was absolutely horrifying to me. The only other scene I can recall from that dream is one in which we buried the dove's corpse, and the smell was so awful that I could actually 'smell' it within my dream. It was so powerful I thought I'd throw up.

Thus, "The 'Spoils' of War," huh?

ETA: Dude, someone should tell me to stop trying to draw like the Japanese because I always fail so miserably at it.

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