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There is something called 'extreme fucking boredom' and I think this is it

01. Full Name: Don't have one. My initials are the abbreviation for science, though ^__^
02. Nicknames: DrWorm, HeyYou!, the Leprechaun, Professor, and certain naims thathave to do with my real name that aren't important.
03. Screen name[s]: DrWorm, DScull264, Proftomoe6
04. Age: Sixteen.
07. Sex: Celibacy is bad...female.
08. Birthday: 5/18/85. I am a vulnerable young 'un
09. Zodiac sign: Stubborn, stubborn Taurus.
10. Hospital where you were born:Lowell...hospital? Maybe.
11. Location: A cardboard box!
12. Height: Somewhere between 5'2" and 5'5"...it seems to fluctuate.
13. Weight: Too much
14. Hair Color: Naturally flaming red.
15. Eye Color: Green/hazel
16. Siblings [name(s) & age(s)]: Have none. I have cats, though!
17. Parents names: Rose and Albert
18. Hobbies: Art, music, anime, and yaoi.
19. Crush: To quote Jessi, "Yeah, when I sit on 'em!" ^____^
20. Girlfriend/boyfriend: No. Anyone wanna try for the job? Aplications in the lobby.
21. If you could go out with anyone in the world, who would it be?: Oh lord...ok, I'll go with Josh Charles. He seems like he'd be a good conversationalist and a good fuck.
22. When and who was your 1st crush?: Darkwing Duck? It might have been Darkwing Duck. Maybe Basil of Baker Street.
23. What do you first notice about the opposite sex [looks alone]: Height, usually.
24. Your idea of a perfect date: A movie. A concert. A conversation. No food involved.
25. How romantic are you? [1-10]: 2...a non-romantic realist, usually.
26. Biggest turn-on: Mmmm...little waists, long legs on guys. Fuller, heavier figures on gals.
27. Ideal girl/guy: Zero-chan...my baby! I love you darling!
28. Memory [thing] you miss most: If I couldn't remember it, I wouldn't miss it.
30. If you could go back in time, where would you go?: Last Thursday.
31. Thing that you regretted doing after you had done it: I regret many, many things.
32. Memory you would like to forget: No clue. Dumb question.
33. What'd you do yesterday? [just curious]: Sat around, wrote a little, went to rehearsal and got yelled at. Talked to Zero on IM.
34. Last person you talked to on the phone: Amy, I think.
35. Last thing you said: "15 minutes"- that's how much time I've got.
36. Last song you listened to: Right now, I'm listening to 'Brown-Eyed Girl' by Everclear.
37. TV show you wish they would re-air again: That sentence was redundant (RE-air? AGAIN? Helloooooo...), but I think I'd enjoy seeing 'Mighty Max' again.


38. Occupation:Artist.
39. Dream Car: I rather like the little white Ford that will be mine.
40. Marriage:Absi-fucking-lutely not.
41. Kids: You just know I'd screw with their minds, and I'm sure you don't want little psychopaths running around.
42. Future son's name: What is this obsession with children? We don't need anymore children in this world.
43. Future daughter's name: Look, I like kids, don't get me wrong. I'm just never having any.
44. Honeymoon: I've always wondered where that word came from.
45. Where will you live? Canada. Maybe.
46. What are you doing tomorrow? Going to the bead shop to hang out with Ani and discuss...stuff.

The FAVORITES Side[there are lots of these!]

47. Food: Mushroom pizza
48. Drink: Water
49. TV shows: The Simpsons, Futurama, Sports Night, umm...there was another one but i forgot it...oh right. Whose line...?
50. Movies: Sooo many... O.o;;
51. CD: Anything by Everclear.
52. Band/Group: ::coughs:: Duh...
53. Singer: Art Alexakis. I really have no others. Ooh! Maybe Nathan Lane, though.
54. Color: purple, green, and black.
55. Actor: Josh Charles, right now.
55. Actress: I like...I like...none -_-;;
57. Weekend Activity: Very little.
58. Day of the week: Saturday...maybe Sunday.
59. Month: May. It means school's almost out and I'm a year older.
60. Book: Any of the Discworld books. Any of the Hitchhiker's Guide books. The Thief of Always by Clive Barker.
61. Holiday: I don't like holidays much. Halloween, I guess. Evil spirits.
62. Number: 6 and 3.14
63. Cookie: White Chocolate macadamia nut!
64. Phrase to overuse: "I'm fucking myself in the head" and "Oh my dude!"
65. Toothpaste: The Sparkly kind!
66. Ice Cream: White Chocolate Mousse! Ok, so it's frozen yougurt. Big fucking deal.
67. Candy: Peanut M&Ms
68. Teacher: Mr. Hovey and Mr. Susel because they kick butt and put up with me.
69. 'gasm: Or-?
70. Restaurant: Anyplace serving good breaded chicken.
71. Channel: Comedy Central, probably.
72. Radio Station: 88.9- the Alter-nation.
73. Type of music: Hard Rock.
74. Shampoo/Conditioner: Pantene Pro-V...the only thing to tame my mane!
75. Song: Ok..pretty much everything by Everclear. Most of what Live does. And Alanis Morrisette's 'You Oughta Know'
76. Music Video: 'Brown-Eyed Girl' and 'Wonderful' by...you guessed it.
78. Website: Um...too many that frequent.
79. Relative: I'm not too big on my relatives, thanks.
80. Hangout: The theatre...even if I hate it, I'm always there >.<
81. Friend: Nope...


82. Friends: Yup...I got em. They hide, sometimes, but they do exist.
83. Best Friend(s): Amy and Zero...really.
85. Silliest: Lauren...
86. Loudest: I don't like having friends that are too loud.
87. Craziest: Zero-chan's a little crazy, when she's in the right mood.
88. Skinniest: Amy, probably.
89. Best at keeping secrets: None of my friends keep secrets really well -_-;;
90. The one you have, but wish you didn't: I think I'm still stuck with Kori
91. Smartest: Geez...most of my friends are really, really bright.
92. Most innocent-looking: Ani
93. Sweetest: Lauren, just cause she's so damn oblivious!
94. Hottest: Amy's pretty hot...she's hate me for saying it though.
95. Weirdest: Umm...shit. Zero, this goes to you.
96. Hyperest: I'm usually the most hyper.
97. Biggest pervert: Zero...you're my baby perv!
98. Most annoying: Oh...Kori. I hate you Kori...I still pretend, though >.<
99. Seksiest: Zero, Ani, and Ami all tie. They're all gorgeous.


100. *N SYNC OR BSB: N SYNC. One of them is actually somewhat attractive, even now.
102. Coke OR Pepsi: Coke
103. Boxers OR Briefs: Briefs...
104. Matt OR Ben: Nope.
105. MTV OR VH1: Anything playing music.
106. Apples OR Oranges: Mmm...fruits
107. Vanilla OR Chocolate: Vanilla
108. Flowers OR Candy: Flowers. A dozen white roses.
109. Dawson's Creek OR Felicity: No.
110. Romantic, Comedy OR Horror: Horror. The genre has lost its touch.
112. TV OR Radio: TV...unless it's NPR on a Saturday.
113. Is the glass half full OR half empty?: My glass broke.


114. Do you believe in angels?: No.
115. Aliens?:They're out there somewhere...many of them are illegal and from Mexico.
116. Heaven & Hell?: Nuh-uh.
117. God: No.
118. Yourself?: I'm here, ain't I?


119. Been on a plane: Yup.
120. Cried in public: Oh yeah. Talk about embarassing.
121. Climbed a tree: Yeah.
122. Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: I'm not paying eight bucks to sleep.
123. Kissed a guy?: Yeah.
124. Met a celebrity: I got Art Alexakis's autograph. I dunno whether that counts.
125. Met the president: Nooo...
126. Been scared to get a shot: No...shots can be fun.
127. Gotten a cavity: Thank you lord, no...
128. Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch: A-hem. Fuck no.
131. Said, "I love you," and meant it: Yeah.
132. Made prank calls: Not good ones ^_^;;.
133. Gone skinny dipping: Nope.
134. Skipped school: No.
135. Loved somebody so much it made you cry: Yes.
135. Gone to a theme park and checked out all the cute guys/girls: No...not really. Ok, maybe a little bit.


138. [a] you don't know how to ride a bike OR [b] you don't know how to rollerblade: A
139. [a] you lose a finger OR [b] you lose a toe: A
140. [a] you are a rotten apple OR [b] you are chunky milk: Any kind of rotten food doesn't sit right with me.
141. [a] watching reruns of Full House OR [b]--: There is no B in the Twilight Sone.


142. Bill Clinton: Democrat and therefore: evil.
143. Lollipops: The good ship...
144. Dreams: Walter from the Bar
146. Whipped Cream: Cool Whip
147. South Park: "Tim-may!"
148. Boy Bands: "Pop!"
149. Guys: Sex.
150. Girls: Sex...and meaningful conversation.
151. Death: of Rats...


152. kitten meow/ puppy bark: Kitten.
153. Blue/Purple: Purple.
154. Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla
155. Peas/Carrots: Carrots.
156. Pen/Pencil: Nice, smooth pen.
157. Plumber/Trashman: Trashman.
158. Ear/Eye: An eye.
159. Rich and unhappy/Poor and happy: Poor and happy. I'm happy because I have something to gripe about.
160. Tall/Short: Tall.


161. Do you sleep with a stuff animal?: My blankie.
162. Last time you showered: Oh lord...last night? Maybe...don't remember at all.
163. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: Cyan.
164. How many buddies do you have on your list?: A lot.
165. Do you like this survey?: I'm feeling th pressure.
166. What are the last 4 digits of your number?: Urgh...
167. One pillow or two, cotton or feather?: Two...stuffed with something. And one made out of old clothes.
168. Last CD you bought: World of Noise.
169. How long are you in the shower?:20 minutes, usually.
170. How do you eat a Reese's Peanut Buttercup?: I don't, usually. I just look at it.
171. Feelings on abortion: Mother's body, mother's choice.
172. Is Tupac alive?: I've seen the autopsy photo....yeah, I'd say so.
173. Thoughts on Britney Spears: Sad, sad girl.
175. Who do you most admire?: My cat.
176. Right, Left, or Ambidextrous?: Ambidextrous.
178. What is under your bed?: Art.
179. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?: Three, or the world will never know.

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