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Thoughts concerning PoA...

- They do spell 'Moony' wrong. Bastards.

- Stroking the spine of The Monster Book of Monsters is definitely representative of something sexual. I'm just not sure what. (Also, that book is so cute! The little burbling noises it makes! Awww!)

- "Hellooooo..." Remus is so adorable. Sososo. OMG, squee, we wantssss it, precioussssss. Angst and little smiles and mustache and scars and Lily lovin' all.

- During the boggart scene, Remus is eating an apple. It's red. During the Buckbeak scene, Draco eats an apple. It is green. Somebody likes apples. Or Biblical symbolism? Maybe just apples.

- "You and your bloody chicken." Very, very funny line.

- "Turn out your pockets." ... what hasss it got in itsss pocketsesss?

- I got the feeling this time around that Remus wasn't particularly keen on Hermione. Is that my imagination? When she gives an answer during the boggart lesson, he is somewhat curt and cuts her off sort of prematurely. Then there's the "brightest witch of your age" line that Thewlis delivers so bitterly. (Brilliant! Whee!) Okay, maybe that isn't quite enough to go on, but it's shattered any chance of me taking Remus/Hermione fic seriously.

- Remus bouncing in the Shrieking Shack, when Snape is being threatening. It's like, "Please don't kill us or do anything stupid, mmkay?" But he bounces. Obsequious bouncing? Haha, it's so cute.

- Sirius is so batshit crazy at first... I like that better than "I'm really a nice person, really!" Godfather Sirius. Um, noooooo.

- Snape does say that you can be born a werewolf... it's difficult to hear, as we're a) meant to be concentrating on Draco's note and b) it floats over the segue from classroom to Quidditch. But it's there.


- OMG, Remus and Harry totally act like two kids with a crush on each other. The sweet little exchanged smiles throughout, on the train, the bridge, in the woods, in class... the chocolate after sex ... the Patronus lesson, which most definitely has a vast array of sexual undertones (dude, mood lighting) and is the only scene in which Remus actually touches Harry (I'm pretty sure) ... the Marauder's Map scene, in which Remus is clearly so angry and the tension is so there but restrained and beautiful (and Harry in his pajamas, you know you just want to take him to bed with you) ... and then the angst-filled scene as Remus leaves.

Yes. Their little romance is so adorably turmoiled... they really deserve some good fluffy bunny fics. Or non-angsty sex. Neither of which will come from me, I'm sad to say.

God only knows what insipid nonsense I'll torture people with the third time around...

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