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I have to go to my choir concert...

Ugh... >.< I'm mucho not liking choir this year...

I'm not liking much of anything this year. I need new friends. I have no friends. Why do I have no friends? Why am I a pathetic loner hermit? I swear to god people are going to start thinking Amy and I are joined at the hip. She was sick today and I actually called her from school...

Gads... I'm not even self-sufficient enough to get through the school day by myself.

Am getting ride to concert from Morgan. I hope. I hope, I hope, I hope because this is a part of my grade.

Oh well. Get one concert done, two more before Pops! ^___^ God, I love Pops. I'm thinking about trying to do 'Wonderful' for a solo. Although I did kinda make a pact with Brandy to sing J-Pop... oh well. That'll probably go down in flames... and 'Wonderful' would be so fun and angsty...

I'd probably cry like the doofus I am.

Hmm... some kids commandeered the PA system today. It wasn't nearly as exciting as it could have been. The best bit was one of them seying something like "This is the voice of God". And even that was pretty pathetic. It would have been way cooler had they had a script or something.

I'm listening to 'Hanging by a Moment' by Lifehouse over and over again. I do not know why. Just am. And I've got it stuck on the Laguna skin because it seemed like a good idea at the time...

I actually saw Lifehouse live, by the way. My first Everclear concert, when Everclear and Lifehouse were the opening bands for Matchbox 20. We didn't even stay for all of Matchbox 20. Everclear was damn well enough. And that night there was a blizzard. We had the next day off from school... I miss...

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