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I have no idea...

Nope, no idea. No idea about anything. No idea why I'm alive. Hello? What is my purpose anyway? I think mostly I'm just good at being irritating.

I don't understand this 'friend' concept either. Morgan gave me a ride home from the concert last night (eventually... >.<). We ran into a friend of hers right before we left and they hugged like... like... o.o Like they would never stop! I was honestly getting bored! And then they linked arms and we all walked out to the car...

Amy doesn't even let me poke her. I accidently lean in to far and I don't even touch her but get close and she gets weird about it! "Hey there!" She says, leaning back.

I say she's a fucking weirdo. And old friend came into town and she was completely and utterly not going to give her a hug... we hadn't seen her for month and she didn't want to hug her friend. Not once. She did, eventually, because I'm bitchy. But lord...

But she'll make out with college guys. She's either extremely horny or she needs to work on getting her priorities straight...

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