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Long and silly Harry Potter surveys... just because.

Favorite plot theory you think actually stands a chance of being canon:

Harry as a Christ-figure. This is a concept that I think is frequently misunderstood, particularly by people who have a bias against Christianity. There is more to it than "Harry sacrifices himself for the sins of the Wizarding world." I'm particularly intrigued by the gathering of disciples/Apostles which we see in OotP through the DA... the implication then follows that one of his closest friends/followers will then betray Harry, and not necessarily by his own choice; recalling debates on Judas and his motivation in betraying Christ, it is often theorized that Judas did not choose his path but was instead fated or predetermined to set in motion the death and resurrection of Jesus, which became the basis for the creation of Christianity. In essence, I think it's possible that the person who does betray Harry (and, unfortunately, I think Ron and Neville are the top contenders for this unpopular role) will not be entirely responsible for their actions.

Coming back to the subject of Harry's death, Harry as a Christ-figure does not necessarily dictate his death. Because, obviously, the Resurrection is an integral part of the mythos of Jesus' existence. So I quite firmly believe Harry will experience a sort of 'false death' before defeating Voldemort. It's far more in-keeping with the Biblical canon that Harry simply dying.

Favorite plot theory you think has no chance, or very little chance, of being canon:

Remus and Harry having any kind of deeper connection (not necessarily sexual or romantic), slightly evil James and/or Lily... uh... I dunno.

Plot theory you HATE and think actually stands a chance of being canon:

I'm not sure whether I exactly hate it, but I think Remus suffering premature aging, weakness, and death due to lycanthropy is utterly canon. And that's just so sad. Although, I'm not sure that counts as a plot theory. Most of the plot theories I hate, I don't see as being even remotely close to canon.

Plot theory you HATE and just KNOW that JKR would never go there. NEVAR:

Sirius coming back to 'life,' not being really dead, or returning permanently from beyond the veil. I just don't see that coming. JKR herself has expressed a degree of grief for Sirius' death, and unless there's a damn good reason for something so smacking of a deus ex machina as bringing back a (fan-beloved) character from a firmly established death, I don't think she'll do it. It just doesn't seem plausible in the slightest to me. (There are significant differences between Sirius' situation and Peter's. I don't feel like outlining them. And if you can't see them for yourself... um... >_>)

That, however, doesn't mean Sirius might not somehow make a brief appearance or influence in books 6 or 7

Also, I can't see either evil!Dumbledore or the Knight2King theory, in which Ron is really a time-travelling Dumbledore. Because, "huh?" and "WTF?" In fact, people being time-traveling other people just doesn't ring true to me at all.

And we all know how much I hate any theorizing of Remus/Sirius as remotely canonical.

Plot theory that tickles your fancy, but you aren't completely sold yet:

Oh, hell, I don't know. I don't think about this as much as some other people.

Plot theory you'd like to hear more about:

Lily's eyes. There's been quite a bit of speculation about this since the PoA movie came out and, taking into account what JKR has said about the focus on Harry "having his mother's eyes" being important, it's a reasonable subject to look into. I think taking this statement literally is almost too obvious... I know a lot of people think themselves extra out there and creative when they try to imply that Lily and Harry switched eyes at some point for some reason, but it seems more likely to me that it will reveal something about Lily. Just as we see that her love protected Harry, what is it about her eyes that is special and affects Harry so? To be honest, I have no real idea.

Where do you stand on ESE!Anyone? These theories usually revolve around a seemingly 'good' character who has been evil all along. The most common ones are ESE!Snape, ESE!Lupin, ESE!Dumbledore, ESE!Tonks and ESE!McGonagall. ESE stands for 'Ever So Evil.'

Don't have any particular theories on that end. None of that makes any sense to me, I guess.

Wacky, off the wall theory you just can't help seriously entertaining:

... I don't know. Someone want to give me one?

Make a prediction for Book Six Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Huminahhuminah... I predict more sexual tension between Harry and Remus, an exponential amount of angst, and further development of the Ron/Hermione bickering and lurve.

Who is the Half Blood Prince?

If I was feeling self-indulgent, I'd say that I hope it's Remus. :/ But I bet it's not. My real guess is... Grawp! :D

Will the final revelations in Book Seven shock and amaze us? Will there be giant plot twists we never considered?

They'd better. And there had better be. Otherwise, what's the point?

Who do you think is marked for death?

At least one of the Weasleys (I bet on Percy or Ron, but if JKR was feeling particularly nasty, one of the twins would be gone), McGonagall or Dumbledore (but not both), Mad Eye Moody, Firenze (or at least one of the centaurs), Voldemort, Peter Pettigrew, and... oh, and though it pains me to say it, I wouldn't be surprised if Remus kicked the bucket, although I don't think it's a sure thing.

Prediction you would bet your first born (or at least a wad of cash) on:

;____; I don't know. I'm tired now.

And now for a shipping prediction... Who do you think Harry will end up with in the end, if anyone?

No one. The most plausible person that I would like to see with Harry, in a romantic fashion, is Luna. Because, y'know, they're just devastatingly cute. :3 Although, if I had my way, you know Harry would stay forever and ever with Remus and they'd have a little house and would be all domestic together whee. *dork*

1) Your HP nickname: DrWorm. It's always DrWorm. And, god-willing, it always will be.

2) Do you write fanfiction: Sometimes.

3) Draw fanart: Um, sometimes.

4) Review much: No. I can be pretty bad about that.

5) Read too many fics: No, actually. I've become extremely picky about what I read in HP fandom. :/

6) Favorite house: Gryffindor. Even if it is overrepresented in canon. :3

7) Favorite Gryffindor student: Harry. I just... it's just... he's just Harry.

8) Favorite Slytherin student: Mmm... Pansy Parkinson, because she's so damn cute in the movies.

9) Favorite Ravenclaw student: Loony Luna Lovegood

10) Favorite Hufflepuff student: Susan Bones

11) Favorite teacher: Professor McGonagall

12) Favorite overall character: ... Remus Lupin. Whoa, didn't see that one coming, didja?

13) Favorite adult: Remus goes here too.

14) Canon/fanon Draco: Canon. Fanon!Draco makes me want to gather up my collection of stabby things.


16) Voldemort or Dumbledore: I'd like Voldemort more if he didn't keep fucking things up so royally. So... Dumbledore, I suppose.

17) Cho, annoying or not: The more I think about it, the more I honestly don't care.


18) Your OTP: Remus/Harry

19) Other ships you sail: Remus/James, Snape/Lupin, Oliver/Percy, Tom/Ginny, Tom/Harry, Ginny/Percy, Harry/Luna, Luna/Ginny, Ginny/Hermione. And, of course, the obligatory Ron/Hermione and trio!smut.

20) Intriguing ships: Luna/Remus, Lily/Snape, Lily/Remus (I'm not prepared to accept it; I'm just interested).

21) Underimpressive ships: Harry/Draco and Snape/Harry.

22) Hated ships: Sirius/Remus! SIRIUS/REMUS! And I'm not sorry at all...

23) Het, slash or femmeslash: Mostly slash, but I've been known to bounce around.

24) H/Hr or R/Hr: R/Hr/H!

25) D/Hr or D/G: D/G... if it did not suck completely.

26) H/D or H/SS: H/SS

27) Older gen, younger gen or cross-gen: Cross-gen. Always with the cross-gen. *drools*


28) Canon or AU: Ignoring the truth that all fanfiction is technically "AU," I'll say that the closer to canon it is, the better.

29) Fluff or angst: Angst and plenty of it.

30) Darkfic: Yes, please... with a side order of weirdfic and onion rings.

31) OOC or IC: The closer to IC, the better.

32) SuddenlyVeryPowerful!Harry: Man, he has enough to worry about already. >_o Leave the poor thing alone!

33) One-shot or chaptered: One-shot, pleeeeeeeease.

34) Novel-length: Oh, god! Why must you render my attention span useless?

35) Gen, het or slash: Slash... with the occasional dose from the other bottles.

36) Drabbles: You know, I tend not to like drabbles. They always strike me as very unnecessary, and rarely do they seem to connect very logically to the whole Harry Potter universe.

37) SuddenlyVerySexy!Draco: ... I do try to avoid those, yes.

38) Fanfiction Pet Peeves: Nicknames. Boys acting like hormonal girls. Excessive physical descriptions of main characters and/or excessive use of "I love you"s. Use of the term "boxers" during a sex scene. Excessive and/or repetitive use of epithets. "Gods!" used an an interjection instead of plain ol' "God!" And many moooooooore.

39) Canon or Fanon: "Stop blowing holes in my ship!" (Get it? Because 'canon,' 'cannon?' Yeah, he doesn't get it.)

40) Many ships in one fic: It rarely works.


59) Cried for Cedric: ... nnnnnnot really. >_>

60) Cried for Sirius: No! NO! I laughed, I cheered, I ate popcorn, I cried I DID NOT CRY!!!!!!1

61) Dark or Light Side: Grey.

62) Did the explanation of the prophecy satisfy you: Yeah, actually, even though I figure it's going to be twisted all about.

63) Which character(s) needs some more development: Tonks and Luna. At least, those are two characters I'd like to see get some further development.


64) Favorite artist(s): I... oh. Um, for Harry Potter? Okay. Well, I like most of glockgal's stuff... and... um... I don't know. Other stuff too, I guess. I don't look at too much fanart unless I trust the person who drew it or I'm absolutely desperate. :3 HP fanart tends to scare me.

65) Favorite drawing style: Creative. A nice blend of realism and simplification. The stuff that's too anime generally hurts my brain, and the stuff that's too children's book illustration-y makes me roll my eyes. I like a nice balance between the two, with a lot of detail and preferably color.

66) Love fanart of: Well, Remus of course. And Harry. And Luna, because I have a hard time picturing her. And thestrals, because whoa...

67) Fanart Pet Peeves: Poorly drawn art, for one. Poorly drawn porn, for two. Stiff character artwork with no background or interaction between two characters. Art that lacks detail. Art that's too dark (my monitor sucks, and I get frustrated easily).

68) Stick art: Sometimes it's funny, but when it's up against art that had effort put into it, I get a little resentful.

69) Shiny: Over-photoshopping is a disease. Put the tablet down and back away slowly.

70) Anime/Manga style: To a certain extent. Just... try to stay away from the frightening shoujo styles...

71) Realism: If it's well done, sure. But only if it's not based on a picture of the movie actors.

72) Cartoon: Mostly, yes.

73) Gen or shipped: Either or.


74) Blaise's gender: I never cared, although female!Blaise could have been interesting.

75) Tom Riddle's eye colour: Green? I assumed they'd be the same as Harry's...

76) Luna fan: Luna is great. If I hadn't trained myself to be a skeptic, we'd be rather similar. Scary thought.

77) OC's, done or not done: I don't do them. Generally, I dislike them or they don't play enough of a part in the story to make any difference.

78) Liking Weasley ships with 'Flame' or 'Fire' in the name: As is noted in Saiyuki, red is the color of many things... not just fire or blood. Apples, for instance.

79) Weasley love: Incest is the best so put your brother/sister/mother/father to the test?

80) Malfoy love: I don't particularly love them, but each to his own.

81) Potter love: In general, yes... but though I like Lily and James separately, I'm not quite sure what to make of their relationship.

82) Is Lucius really 49: Does it matter?

83) Brilliant ship name (Don't need to ship it, though!): They are all stupid.

84) Plain stupid ship name: All of them. Every single one. JUST WRITE OUT THE DAMN NAMES, PEOPLE.

85) Voldemort. Bald. Yes or no: Well, if he's all snakey... yeah. Duh.

86) The power He-Knows-Not and the power that saved Harry is: Love, although here I'm thinking of the animated version of The Wizard of Oz that I have where Glinda kisses Dorothy on the forehead and says she's protected and later on a glowy, white "N" shows up on her forehead. For "North." Yeah. Does Harry get pretty shoes too?

87) Your view on Hufflepuff-ies: I may be jumping to conclusions, but they seem like the kind of people I generally try to avoid.

88) Should Ron say 'Bloody Brilliant' more then once? Don't let him overdo it, is all.

89) Hermione. Pretty. Am I right?: She's normal. Make-up can make normal girls look very pretty indeed. But we all know Hermione is hot because of her smarts.

90) Best HP fanfic ever: Oubliette by Kate Bolin - "Some things are meant to be forgotten. But new students never know that." It says so much with so little, and really makes you think. Also, it'll creep the hell out of you.

91) Rec the 2nd best, too: Splinch by HoldYourSpin - "Harry had been suffering from vertigo ever since the apparition incident. This was like that." Another one that will royally fuck your shit up and leave you feeling a little like the room is spinning.

92) Did HP change your life dramatically: I... hmm. Well, not as dramatically as Crispin Glover did, since that's how I picked up ghostgecko... but Harry Potter does qualify as my longest-running fandom, seeing as I first read the books more than four and a half years ago. But, as fandoms go, I wouldn't say that it's been one of the more life-changing ones.

93) Marauders. Like or dislike: Liiiiike. Er, I guess. To a certain extent.

94) Prongs, Moony, Padfoot or Wormtail: Moony bebbe.

95) Could Lily have been an animagus too: She could have. Was she? Well, we don't know yet. But I doubt it.

96) What animal Lily would've been: I saw one fic suggest her as a fox... I rather like that. Or maybe a red squirrel. :3

97) Did Harry pass his Potions' O.W.L.s: Hopefully.

98) Did Ron: I'm sure we'll know soon enough.

99) Is Harry going to die or will he survive: I maintain that he will die a false death, or die and be resurrected.

100) What gives you the most warm fuzzies in your stomach in the whole HP-verse: Remus showing Harry his grindylow. :p Oh, and OF COURSE Remus pulling Harry back from the Veil. And Luna and Harry's little talk at the end of Book 5.

And I'm not sorry about it, either. :P

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