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Bahhh...Is it not obvious that I have had no desire to write real entries lately?

1.) Full name: SCI...guess what the intials stand for.
2.) Nicknames: DrWorm, The Leprechaun, Professor, um...and a few others.
3.) Favorite Names : Nimue, Erik, Joshua, Ryan
4.) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
5.) Birthday: May 18
6.) Sex: Female
7.) Where do you live? Ohio
8.)Eye color: Green/hazel
9.) Straight/Gay/Lesbian: Bisexual
10.) What size shoe are you?: Anywhere from an 8 to a 10
11.) Are you short or tall?: Short...somewhere between 5'2" and 5'5"
12.) Siblings: None.
13.) Friends online: Mainly my Zero-chan
14.) Pets and their names: 3 kitties: Mir Sputnik Chernobyl, Izit, and Greebo


15.) Sport to play: Basketball, swimming, racing occasionally.
16.) Color: Purple, green, black, blue, white.
17.) Music Performers: Art Alexakis and Everclear.
18.) Radio Stations: 88.9...the Alter-nation
19.) Ice Cream: Vanilla or White Chocolate Mousse.
20.) Drink: Water
21.) T.V. shows: The Simpsons, Futurama, Sports Night, Whose Line...?
22.) Scary Movies: Right now, I like 'The Others' because I just saw it. That, 'Pet Sematary', and 'The Sixth Sense'.
23.) Funny Movies: 'Young Frankenstein', 'Love and Death'...umm...any Hugh Grant comedies...
24.) Food: Cheese ravioli, tuna, chicken, tomato, mushrooms...
25.) Month: May
26). Day: Saturday or Sunday
27.) Holiday: All Hallow's Even
28.)Number: 6, 3.14

>~*~*~ARE YOU A~*~*~

29.) Wuss: Sometimes.
30.) Class clown: Sometimes.
31.) Goodie 2 Shoes : Sometimes.
32.) Day Dreamer: Almost all of the time.
33.) Would you date the person that sent this to you: No one sent it do me...
34.) Thongs: Never.
35.) Would you bring back someone from the dead: Never.
36.) If so who: If they were meant to be dead, then they were meant to be dead. I'm not changing history.
37.) Would you travel to the future: Yeah, probably.
38.) Would you travel back in time: Depends on when and where.


39.) Funniest: Stef and Zero
40.) Craziest: Zero's pretty crazy...so is Ani.
41.) Smartest: All of my friends are very bright.
42.) Ditziest: Lauren and sometimes Amy.
43.) Happiest: Oh gee. I have very few happy friends.
44.) Coolest: My friends are exceedingly cool.
45.) Meanest: Amy is the Ice Queen Bitch.
46.) Sweetest: Alicia is unbelievably sweet.

>~*~*~THIS OR THAT~*~*~

47.) Paper or Plastic: Plastic
48.) Truth or dare: Dare
49.) Night or day: Night
50.) Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin: Oatmeal raisin
51.) MTV, BET, VH1, or CMT: At least VH1 actually plays Everclear sometimes.
52.) WWF or WCW: Wrestling is fake *nods*
53.) Beavis or Butthead: Beavis
54.) Ocean or pool: Pool. I've been grabbed by lobsters in the ocean.
55.) Cake or Pie: Whichever tastes better at the time.
56.) Boxers or briefs: I like my men in briefs. I think I'm in the minority. Boxers disappoint me.
57.) Cats or dogs: Cats...Oooo...cats...
58.)AOL 3.0 or 4.0: I think we have 6.0, actually. But I usually use Internet Explorer.
59.) Gun or knife: Guns are prettier and more complex, but knives are so elegant (especially if they are Milions Knives...ehheheh).
60.) Pancakes or French toast: Ooo...breakfast foods.
62.) Silver or gold: Silver
63.) Smoker or nonsmoker: Non-smoker
64.) Diamonds or pearls: Too expensive for me.
65.) Hugs or kisses: Kisses! *smooch!*
66.) Croutons or bacon bits: Both, and some little seeds too.
67.) Democrat or republican: Libertarian.
68.) Taco or Burrito: Burrito
69.) Complex or simple: I think it depends on my environment...
70.) Armageddon or Independence Day: I liked both movies, but pledge allegiance to neither.
71.) Innie or outie: Innie
72.) Lefty or righty: Righty, mostly. Somewhat ambidexterous.
73.) Batman or Superman: Batman. And Robin. I like bats.
74.) Coke or pepsi: Coke
75.) Electric Slide or Macarena: The Electric Slide is funner.
76.) Pencils or pens: Anything that works when I need it.
77.) Sunset or sunrise: Sunset.
78.) Sun or moon: Moon.
79.) X's or O's: Tic-tac-toe!
80.) Crushed or cubed: What are we talking about? O.o;;
81.) Ketchup or mustard: Ketchup


82.) Joe: Shoesless Joe Jackson.
83.) Billy: Gruff little goats.
84.) Fran: The Nanny.
85.) Dawson: Yeah, Dawson's Creek.
86.) Christina: Applegate
87.) Kylie: No idea...
88.) Noreen: O.o;; nothing comes to mind.
89.) Pat: Oooo...Pat. The boy I had a crush on for nearly two years.
90.) Roxanne: Cyrano de Bergerac (I think is how you spell it).
91.) Stephanie: Me... ^^;;
92.) Melissa: Lilvis. Little, quiet, Latin Club gal.


93.) House is: Stef's box house.
94.) Car is: Amy, your brother's car rocks.
95.) TV is: Both Stef and Alicia have those little TVs with the built-in VCR...
96.) Room is: I like my room best...
97.) Clothes: Amy has very trendy clothes.
98.) Grades: Me and Amy...
99.) Door: Stef's red door!


100.) Do you like school: Sometimes...
101.) Do you like to talk on the phone: Depends on my mood and who's calling...
102.) Do you have your own line: No
103.) Can we have your number? No
105.) Are you scared to ask someone out?: Yes
106.) ran away? I've tried occasionaly, but never got too far.
107.) Have you ever thought you were gonna die? Yeah, I'm sure somewhere along the line I have.
108.) have you ever been drunk or high? No...
110.) broken or fractured bone: I may have done minor damage to my ankle once or twice, but my dad refuses to take me to a doctor.
111.) any piercings: My ears are both pierced twice.
113.) Do you consider yourself a good listener? Most of the time.
114.) sing in the shower: All the time. And I sound great!
115.) Have you ever stolen anything? Yeah, I used to have a shop-lifting kick. I hate myself for it now.
117.) What color is your toothbrush?: Purple.
118.) What was your worst wreck ever? Like car wreck? Because I once burned a hole in carpet.
119.) What's the best thing about growing up? The resulting freedoms.
120.) What's the worst thing about growing up? The resulting responsiblities.
121.) Do you believe in love at first sight?Nooooooo...
122.) Have you ever been in love? Yeah, probably.
123.) What do you wear to bed?: Undies and a big t-shirt.
124.) Whats the best feeling in the world?: Triumph.
125.) Do you like anyone? Many people.
126.) Who? I like all of my friends and my kitties...most people, really. 'Cept for the ones I don't get along with.
127.)I LOVE: Many of the same people that I like.
128.) What's your ethnic background? I'm half Croatian (my mother's side) and my other half is some weird mix of British Isles and Irish. Or something.

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