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Ok... Iglesias video...

Wanna see the man who could dress up and be a real life Wolfwood? (That is... if we kidnapped him and made him...)


Go to the above url. Down at the bottom of the page there is a link that says "Watch the video- Hero/Heroe". Click on the first one; the second on is in Spanish. ^__^ Make sure you have RealPlayer too... that's how it... runs...

Beware: video is sappy, melodramatic, and it abounds in het romance (also proving that Jennifer Love Hewitt cannot get a credible acting job anymore). He doesn't put on his Wolfwood suit until the end. Plus, the ending is somewhat reminiscent of the ending to the actual Trigun series... ;__; If you catch my drift. Spoiler, spoiler.

As cheesy as it really is... *quietly edits out Hewitt and inserts a wee bitty Vash* There. Much better.

Gah... obsessed, obsessed, obsessed...

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