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19 October 2001 @ 09:54 pm
Feeling a little odd...  
I went browsing through the rotten.com archives for no particular reason other than boredom (now, you see, this is why people should talk to me).

It just startled me what awful, awful things human beings do to other human beings.

And then there are some suicide photos from the 1960s which are deeply effective. A woman slumped behind the bathroom door in a pool of her own blood. A man in a bathrobe sitting in a lawn chair. A girl in bed, the gun by her hand. Rotten.com says of them "Photos like this have an odd quaintness to them, as if you're looking at old vacation photos gone horribly wrong." And it's the truth. These people were alive. And now they're dead.

It's sad. It's pathetic. Why did these people commit suicide, I wonder? Why were they murdered? The gore doesn't shock me or disgust me any longer. It's the thought of what can happen to us, what does happen in daily life... One photo of a murdered homosexual dance teacher struck me a bit hard...

I've heard black kids and Muslim kids at school say that when they hear about a hate crime against their race or religion, they personally feel threatened. I thought, and still think, that that's somewhat silly. Still... I see why they would feel like that. Sometimes I do too. Because there are people out there who hate me without ever having seen me for my personal beliefs, sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity, whatever. And I can't change that...

The world is a big, scary place.