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Well, no happy Christmas for me...


ghostgecko can't call me regularly anymore, and I can't call him... because cell phone bills are fucked up.

*cuddles stuffed panther and whines* And he can't get online until February. And the world needs to stop blizzarding on my parade. Okay?

My meager parade. Which ain't moving forward unless I feel like it, particularly since my main driving force is temporarily out of any immediate contact. *prepares drawings and package sadly*


ETA: !!! Okay, so my whine was premature. ghostgecko called me this evening to tell me he had his land line restored. PHONE! And also to let me know Diamonds Are Forever was on tv, so I've been watching Crispin's daddy play a totally gay hit man who puts scorpions down people's backs and gives his "partner" dirty looks when he ogles women. Fantastic.


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