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Hello! It is the first entry! Welcome to the Everclear concert details

Hi! Hello! Hello world! Hello self! How are we today? We are...tired...
Yeah, yeah. So I thought I'd put down for posterity some of my latest happenings. Numero uno...I just went to the Everclear concert! Everclear is, of course, my very favorite band and it was a thrill to see them in concert for a second time (and this time they were headlining! No Matchbox 20!)
Lessee...so the date on that would have been the...10th of July. Just five days ago! And I still can't get it out of my head! My friends and I all managed to get Art Alexakis's autograph and that was great enough! But my friend also got one of Craig's guitar picks (it says 'Everclear tour' on the front and 'Craig' on the back) and got Art to wave at her! I just blew kisses...it was enough ^.~
And...well...the concert was in a rock hall so there were no seats and no air conditioning. Very hot. We got right up front and it was so crowded that you really couldn't leave for anything. We must have been standing for the full 5 and a half hours! It got very tiring. I was ready to fall down and pass out from dehydration and exhaustion. The only thing that kept me going was the song 'Strawberry' ("Don't fall down now/ You will never get up!). The security guys had big pitchers of water they'd toss into the crowd or pour into people's mouths. I got water in my mouth and ice in my hand...I was so thirsty I just shoved the entire handful of ice into my mouth and started sucking...it hurt, it was so cold...but I didn't really care.
Four different bands played: Flip, Mayfield Four, American Hi-fi, and Everclear. American Hi-fi and Everclear were really the best sets, but the others were good too. Flip was very amusing with outrageously punk costumes and attitudes. They made me laugh and bounce up and down, which was definitely fun. American Hi-fi are just...overall awesome (I need to get their cd). Their big hit has been 'Flavor of the Weak' but they have so many other great songs to offer. I got the lead singer to smile at me...while my friend Amy busily tried to get one of the back-up guitarists to notice her... ^.~ Fun...
And then...Everclear. Everyone started moshing when they finally began to play. At first we tried to keep up, but we were so tired and dehydrated that it just wasn't happening. We had to pull away from the stage to avoid getting trampled.
Everclear's set was, naturally, the very best. They played a lot of their older stuff, opening with 'So Much for the Afterglow' and moving on to play a lot of tracks from the album 'Sparkle and Fade'. They also played quite a few from their newer cds...'Songs From an American Movie Vol. 1: Learning How to Smile' and 'Volume 2: A Good Time for a Bad Attitude'. I'll admit that 'Vol. 2' is probably my favorite cd of theirs, if only for the song 'Babytalk'. I love that song dearly. I always hope that they'll play it at their concerts, but they never do...sad...
And, of course, they played all of their bigger hits: 'Wonderful', 'AM Radio', 'Father of Mine', and 'I Will Buy You a New House'. I started crying during 'Wonderful' (that song pretty much discribes my childhood...and of course the childhood of so many other kids with divorced parents) and kept crying straight through 'Father of Mine' and 'I Will Buy You a New House', since all three songs mean something to me. Luckily, it was loud and dark in the hall...so no one noticed. I got over it all right. I think it also had a lot to do with the excessive heat and lack of water...I was getting a little stressed.
So...I guess that's about it. After the concert we made a beeline for the nearest beatnik cafe and bought three bottled waters. Then we went back to the hotel and stayed up too late talking and giggling and whatnot. The next day we watched 'Never Been Kissed' on HBO (hey...why not?) and I avoided going back to both summer school and play rehearsal by convincing the others that we had to stop somewhere and do something fun. We ended up at an arcade/restaurant and played too many games... >.< Spent lots of money. I ended up with a stuffed monkey prize that can hang around my neck.
All in all a great time. We listened to Everclear all the way home.

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