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I whine, therefore I am.

I don't know. I'm in a bad mood. So I'm annoying. I'm trying to pretend that I'm not unhappy, but of course I suck at it.

So... a pipe or a pump or something is frozen, and we don't really have water pressure at my house. This happened Friday, but then straightened itself out. But then it happened again today. What I love is that we don't do anything about it; instead, we sort of work around it. Much like my Internet connection, which doesn't really work, but which we continue to pay for anyway. It's really just idiotic.

And now we have water pressure again. Okay. Did something melt? Who knows? Not me, obviously.

I'm really geared up for the Sin City movie, although I'm not a big fan of Frank Miller (dude, his proportions are... not right). This is mostly because of... Elijah! As "Kevin!" glorybox spurned some of my obsessiveness by finding out more about his character (what I've seen of Sin City has mostly had to do with Marv). Little Elijah plays a fucking psycho. I love it.

I have to remember to watch Enterprise on Friday. Yep, it's a Shran episode. A blue Jeffrey Combs! In black leather! With antennae! It's attractive.

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