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Survey stolen from Birdy Jae

--Four things you'd eat on the last day of your life:

Chicken parmesian, a really good chicken salad sandwich, Mum's coleslaw, and Diet Coke.

--Four names for an adorable new puppy:

Eww...puppies. Well, I'd name an adorable kitten um... Mighty Max, Quicksilver, Fortinbras, or Jonathon.
I have this knack for coming up with names for things on the spot. To get a good name, I think I'd need to hold said animal.

--Your four least favorite CDs from your collection:

I really think I like most of my cds... so... Spice Girls "Spice", Buddy Holly "The Great Buddy Holly", No Doubt "Tragic Kingdom", and the soundtrack to "Bram Stoker's Dracula".

--Four movies that made you think:

"Bandits" made me think (then again, I'm biased), "Harold and Maude"... well, it made me cry, "The Lion King" I thought about for ages, and "Angus"... just a favorite of mine for awhile.

--Four celebrities you would have sex with:

Yay! Josh Charles, Jeremy Irons, Peter Krause, and... for a representative of the ladies... Nicole Kidman. With blonde hair...

--Four shades of blue:

Cyan, sky-blue, navy blue, and the Hooloovoo (a super-intelligent shade of the color blue).

--Four causes to which you'd donate money if you won the lottery:

The ACLU, the Libertarian Party, AIDs research, and the Animal Protective League. After, of course, funding my college education and need for doujinshi.

--Four vacations you have taken:

Grandparent's house in North Carolina, Toronto to see "Phantom of the Opera", Ocean City to visit Aunt Pat and the seashore, and of course Mummy's house.

--Four songs that frequently get stuck in your head:

Everclear "Rock Star", The Nightmare Before Christmas "This is Halloween!", Jewel "Hands", and Handel's Messiah "The Halleluiah Chorus".

--Four things you'd like to learn:

Japanese, EMT training, how to draw drapery, and what women want.

--Four beverages you drink frequently:

Water, Diet Coke, milk, and... water.

--Four TV shows that were on when you were a kid:

Hmmm... "Sesame Street", "Fraggle Rock", "Darkwing Duck", and "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

--Four places to go in your city:

The Mantis, The Open Space, the theatre, and the Kent State May 4th memorial.

--Four things to do with a rubber band:

Use it as a hair tie, shoot it at Mr. Hovey, try to play cat's cradle and break it, and wrap it around your wrist until the circulation cuts out.

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